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  1. Phillipsreef

    110 tall reef tank

    110 tall reef tank. Overflow box power head, external IWAKI RLT pump 2300 GPH. 30 gallon sump,with 4" sock filters. triggar sytems skimmer. Lots of other accessories. My lights are bad so im not spending anymore money make me a reasonable offer. It's set up in my office in Broussard. blue tang yellow tang clown fish pajama cardinal and chromis. All healthy been in over a year.just the IWAKI and skimmer cost $700. asking $ 800 OBO. for everything. has a new 5 gallon bucket of instant ocean salt that goes with it.
  2. Phillipsreef

    looking for guinea pigs

    Anyone in the club know of someone that breeds guinea pigs my girls want two and i dont want one from a pet store. Im looking for the long haired type, two young babies.
  3. Phillipsreef

    Coraline growing on my Zoas

    OK, thanks i will try that i can easily pick the colony up.
  4. Phillipsreef

    Coraline growing on my Zoas

    I disagree coralline is on the tubes , branches of the zoas.
  5. Phillipsreef

    What Was Your Worst Catastrophe?

    I run dual sock filters they were black. Crap man I have 3 fire shrimp and a cleaner and no way to catch them $$$. To move to my frag tank.
  6. Phillipsreef

    What Was Your Worst Catastrophe?

    I'm guessing all nite. No I had it running through through the surge protection port on my ups and the ups has a breaker. That's the funny thing it fried but never tripped any breakers. My shrimp and fish are fine some snails died so if it was copper shouldn't the shrimp have died Sorry to derail the topic guys
  7. Phillipsreef

    What Was Your Worst Catastrophe?

    I put a fan on top my tank yesterday to cool off the water walked in the room this morning and it was in my tank. Dang it I guess plastic butter knives are not a good idea to temporarily support that. Plate coral is toast everything else is on life support I don't know why maybe grease from the motor. And it was looking soooo sweet.
  8. Phillipsreef

    UPS Battery Backup?

    I have my koraline 750 running through a 1500 ups backup I never timed it yet. I will do it for you tomorrow. Let you know.
  9. Phillipsreef

    Photo bucket

    Is it just me. I was just trying to upload pics for the club. And the adds kept popping and popping stopping me. I had steam coming off my head. Nice way to put it. Photo bucket is a pain. We need another option.
  10. Phillipsreef

    Coraline growing on my Zoas

    see pics there's also what I'm guessing a little sponge growing. Everything is doing awesome in my tank I even have a pink tip bubble nem coming back to life. Only change is my temp has climbed up to 85. It has always been 80 and below. That's why I just switched to an external iwaki. I see no temp change since.
  11. Phillipsreef

    Calling Zoa experts

    LOL. I done a huge water change last week and my zoas are half the size.
  12. Phillipsreef

    Pink bubble tip Nem bleaching out or sick

    Forgot to mention I went from a mag 7. To a iwaki 130 2,200 GPH.
  13. Phillipsreef

    Pink bubble tip Nem bleaching out or sick

    I installed the iwaki externall 2200 GPH. Pump and added another pipe for return that's four nozzles blasting my tank. The rose bubble swole up and showed pink tips after 2 days. After I thought it was dead.
  14. Phillipsreef

    Coraline growing on my Zoas

    I will try
  15. Phillipsreef

    Coraline growing on my Zoas

    I have coraline growing on the base of my Zoas. It seams they are not happy. does Coraline hurt them or is it something else. How do you keep coraline off them.