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  1. Do you still have this for sale? Also how quick do you need to move it out? We are closing on new house in about two weeks.
  2. StevenPG


    It's got the "W" on it which I believes makes this one wireless. I will let you k now if I decide to split it up. But I'd much rather do it all at once.
  3. StevenPG


    I know it's all a good deal. But mainly because I need to move it all out quickly. I don't want to part it out I want to move it out.
  4. StevenPG


    Yes. Everything and more. I know it seems cheap and its running right now. Nothing wrong with it. But it's just time for me to clear out. Just bring help to move it I have a bad shoulder.
  5. StevenPG


    Bump. $150. Need to move this out sooner than later. Trades. GoPro camera. Drop camera. Something along those lines.
  6. StevenPG


    Message me. 3375409591.
  7. StevenPG


    This is in Sulphur LA
  8. StevenPG


    Complete set up for sale currently running Will not part out, I am getting out of hobby for now. Biocube 14 gallon ($215 new value) MP10ew with controller ($235 new value) LED hanging lite ($150 new value) 1/2 bucket of Salinity salt ($40 half bucket value) Refractometer ($35 new value) All coral in picture including Halloween Zoas and others that I do not know the names, see pictures (lots of money invested $who knows) One Bicolor fish ($5) Heater ($45 new value) There is about 4 or 5 aptasia in the tank that I have not taken care of yet Lots of this and thats that I have collected through years. $300. Please bring help to carry this item.
  9. I am selling my BioCube 14 gallon complete set up. $100. My LED light went out this morning and I just do not have time for it any more. Must Sell Quick. Lone Fish Bicolor Dottyback (Purple and Yellow). Coral Zoas. Armor of God about 20 heads Green Zoas - Do not remember the name but looked like Moutain Dew. About 20 heads Another brown during day orange at night Zoa about 100 heads of this one. About 25lbs of live rock. 2" sand bed Heater Biocube power head Wish I had a picture but with the LED out I do not have anything good to take a picture of. Please No Trades or Offers for anything else than the complete set up. I am in Sulphur LA, please bring help to move it I have bad shoulders and cannot help lift at this time.
  10. I found myself asking, why not? They start at 4200 gallons. 10' D x 7 1/2 T