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  1. I didn't mean 400 is to much for the sump but it is to much for most here. Most of the guys build there own for half of that.
  2. I think $400 is a bit much for most on a sump.
  3. After you talk to his you can call and talk to mine!
  4. And if you know me I also like to share
  5. Well I guess I do good for myself it has not always been like this and really I love the high end fish the one not everyone has and I guess when you spend what I do on fish I for sure like to show it off but dont we all if you think about it you have a forum just for it. Show off your tank! I dont wear gold or other stuff like that to show my money but when it comes to my tank
  6. I was told the next blue one that comes in is mine so I am excited about that.
  7. LOL yeah it would suck if hey ate any of my fish I have 3 big carpets in there now the fish seem to stay away from them. I would suck even more if it ate that gem. I got a guy wanting to sale me a black tang and another gem for $3000. I have one of each in the tank now and will pick up another black tang when I get home. I was just thinking it would be sweet to have two gems and three blacks in the tank so I am thinking on this one hard.
  8. No he was wanting 1150 for a pair I think that might be high what you think?
  9. Do you think 750 is to much to pay for it?
  10. Any one heard of a white leuc clown? If so what would you pay for them?
  11. I have not told the wife yet LOL
  12. He will keep it one more week then ship it he told me he keeps them for 4 weeks before he will ship
  13. I am getting a purple one from ibluewater