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  1. You can safely do it about once a month. Cover the outside glass with black garbage bags for maximum effectiveness. 3 day lights out work wonders for eliminating dinos, although it can take several months of doing it to completely wipe them out. It will help control cyano and nuisance algae, but you still have to eliminate the source(s) of those problems. I would always try 3 day lights out for dinos before resorting to dumping chemicals in my tank.
  2. So, so sorry to hear this. A MI is one of my fav all-time fish.
  3. I personally feel there are multiple catalysts for HLLE: carbon dust, poor nutrition, stray voltage, copper damage. Fish which develop HLLE whilst in copper seem to heal pretty quickly once moved to the DT. With all the others, it seems to come down to how much damage has been done and for how long. Fish with bad HLLE, especially ones cut up by carbon dust, will always have scarring IME.
  4. FYI; I couldn't find ATI T5s recently at Coral Connection, Aquatic Sealife or Aquatic Specialties. Didn't try Rick's Reef.
  5. It would probably be a big fight.
  6. Pinnatus Batfish. Lost one of those and a Orbicular to Katrina. Both had amazing personalities.
  7. This goes without saying, but if you add a MH or two expect evaporation to get crazy. Just means having to monitor the ATO more closely.
  8. In a 24" tank you should be able to grow anything under 250W 20K lamps, assuming coverage is sufficient. Now for aesthetics, the 20K Radium is just a little too blue for my liking so I've always added white/pink supplemental lighting. I tried going with 14Ks one time, but then could never get the spectrum blue enough for my liking. So, I came to the conclusion that 20K MH lighting was as close to "perfect" as I was gonna get. Other than the heat, the biggest PITA is having to replace the lamp ($80) every year. I didn't see much of a drop off in coral growth, but I would start getting some weird algae (mainly cyano) if I didn't replace my lamps every 12 months. FWIW; I was at Aquatic Specialties in Kenner yesterday, and in their 180 gal DT they were running LEDs that had the shimmer of MH but too white for my liking. I think for my next build I'm just gonna bite the bullet and start tinkering around with LEDs. We can't live in the past forever.
  9. How deep is your tank? As a general rule of thumb, I've always used 250w for ≤ 24"; 400w for > 24". But for your planned livestock 400w would only be "necessary" if you planned on keeping any of the Gigs at the bottom of a deep tank.
  10. I think it's a great idea; if for no other reason than to give the center of your tank that "shimmer look" that MH does best. I'm a big fan of 20K Radiums.