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  1. Ich hair algea and cyano

    I caught a bad case of either ich or marine velvet in my 150g a few yrs back. Same as you I had a total of 19 fish. One fish would get sick and die within days and another would be right behind it. It was a vicious cycle. I ended up catching the remaining fish and putting them in qt tanks, so I could treat, feed, and observe. I ended up losing 14/15 fish before I could get things turned around. This all went down so fast had I made the move earlier I may have saved a few. Sucks.. Anywho, I let my tank run fallow with no fish in it for three months. In that time my clams, anemones, and corals all did outstanding. I did ghost feed the tank lightly every week to keep corals and clean up crew healthy. Once the 90 days was up, I slowly added the qt'd fish back to the system very slowly as if the tank was just starting out. Maybe u could try the same? It's hard to catch fish (sick ones for that matter) in a stocked reef tank. Easiest way I've found is to drain the tank into any large containers I could muster up that were clean. Catch fish off sanded and then pump water back in. Caught my fish outta a 150g in 30 mins. Corals, clams, nems were all fine... When the tank is fishless(fallow) then you can work on getting rid of the nuisance algae. Of course finding out what's causing it to take hold is the first step in eradicating it...
  2. Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    Glad to see this little tank still chugging along and possibly planting that seed that will sprout a new reefer someday! Bravo!
  3. BRK annual FREE crawfish boil!

    The only reason I'd possibly miss this one is if the weather and seas are calm & flat... I'll be done with coaching ball by then and I have been dying to go off-da-shore!
  4. 300g dd 1,200$

    He's not active as much lately, so I'll help ya out. It's a Marineland 300 DD. Off top of my head dems are 72"'×36"×27".
  5. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Holy hell man you've had a time with this tank!!! Complete pisser! Glad ya got it flowing and going though!
  6. BC Battlebox

    Umm... I'll have to watch these beauties grow and then come over and snip snip... lol. That's some nice looking corals! I'm back to my old ways and my LPS are dying off one by one, but my sps look great. I can't figure it out and tired of trying to, so if sps is all I can grow then it is what it is...
  7. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Kirk is going to beat Eric! Kirk's goin to beat Eric! Kirk's gonna beat @ericd000!
  8. March 2018 POTM Winner

    Congrats to a great pic!
  9. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Besides having to use a stubby screwdriver I don't see nothing wrong with that set up! Looking Good! I've been wondering if the NEW BRS 2 parts w/ less impurities is going to mix up the same as the old... Right now I know 421.5 grams of Sodium Bicarbonate in my old plastic measuring cup makes me gallon of alk solution.
  10. BRS 2 Part
  11. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    I know the cardboard box ends are still on the sump to keep from scratching it while working on stuff but damn man you killing me! Lmao Squirrel!!!!! Haha Looking good! I ordered a new bulb for my UV and plan on cleaning the quartz sleeve when I change it out.. I have not opened it in months, so not sure how bad it's going to be...
  12. BRS 2 Part

    I'm dosing the Older BRS 2 parts that come in their 1 gallon jugs. Still have enough for the next 6 months... I dose Just over 100ml's a day of Sodium Bicarbonate and Calcium Chloride since the BRS Kalkwasser through the kalk stirrer doses about 1.25 gallons through-out the day. I had seen where they were going away with the clear jugs, and using the Mylar styled bags to put the products in. I assumed it was the same stuff just different packaging... Going to suck if its different cause I got it all figured out! Might be time for a Calcium Reactor!!
  13. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Looking good! If the Teflon bothers you showing then you can take a razor blade and cut it out of the remaining threads that shows. We do this nowadays, so the white tape isn't seen on these nice shower heads customers are using.
  14. April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    Awe yeah this one outta be a good One! I mean who doesn't like side boob shots? !!!!
  15. February 2018 POTM Winner

    Way to go @Cannedfish! Very nice shot of some awesome zoas! Congrats!!!