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  1. March 2018 POTM Winner

    Congrats to a great pic!
  2. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Besides having to use a stubby screwdriver I don't see nothing wrong with that set up! Looking Good! I've been wondering if the NEW BRS 2 parts w/ less impurities is going to mix up the same as the old... Right now I know 421.5 grams of Sodium Bicarbonate in my old plastic measuring cup makes me gallon of alk solution.
  3. BRS 2 Part
  4. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    I know the cardboard box ends are still on the sump to keep from scratching it while working on stuff but damn man you killing me! Lmao Squirrel!!!!! Haha Looking good! I ordered a new bulb for my UV and plan on cleaning the quartz sleeve when I change it out.. I have not opened it in months, so not sure how bad it's going to be...
  5. BRS 2 Part

    I'm dosing the Older BRS 2 parts that come in their 1 gallon jugs. Still have enough for the next 6 months... I dose Just over 100ml's a day of Sodium Bicarbonate and Calcium Chloride since the BRS Kalkwasser through the kalk stirrer doses about 1.25 gallons through-out the day. I had seen where they were going away with the clear jugs, and using the Mylar styled bags to put the products in. I assumed it was the same stuff just different packaging... Going to suck if its different cause I got it all figured out! Might be time for a Calcium Reactor!!
  6. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Looking good! If the Teflon bothers you showing then you can take a razor blade and cut it out of the remaining threads that shows. We do this nowadays, so the white tape isn't seen on these nice shower heads customers are using.
  7. April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    Awe yeah this one outta be a good One! I mean who doesn't like side boob shots? !!!!
  8. February 2018 POTM Winner

    Way to go @Cannedfish! Very nice shot of some awesome zoas! Congrats!!!
  9. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Well damn man! Sorry for your losses.
  10. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Awe hell you should've went bigger man! Tank looks small on that wall of that great big ole' house! Just kidding my friend. It looks gorgeous! I'm glad you FINALLY got what you wanted. So what are your plans on hanging that light? I don't see a canopy. The misses going to let you a screw into them fine new sheetrock ceilings to suspend it? Lol
  11. Uronema

    Hopefully this clears everything up for you Man! Sucks when our lil finned friends get sick...
  12. How for sure are you that all the pocillopora is out the system now? Is there any way it can still be on the rocks that are left over? What about in the plumbing or even on the guards of the powerheads? I'd hate to see you go through all this and then have it rear it's ugly head again in the near future... BTW 'Scape looks good like that!!!
  13. Bicolor Blenny

    Wow that's crazy! I've never noticed my Bi-color doing anything like that, but then again, I haven't watched him close enough to see if he was up to no good.. I have a fat Starry Blenny that I keep on eye on from time to time just because I have heard they will do some crazy stuff from time to time. Now, I guess, I should watch every one of them! I did have some rouge yellow tangs in the past, so I know it can happen. Guess everything we put in our tanks should be labeled, "reef safe but with caution." You never know what kind of personality and quirks they'll come with... lol Hopefully the brain pulls through though. Good thing you found the culprit, so you were not worrying about other things it could be... Wish every problem in our tanks was solved as quickly as this!!!
  14. February 2018 POTM Poll

    Nice entries last month for sure! Going to be tough to pic a fave cause I like them all!!
  15. POTM December 2017 Winner

    Congrats @dylan29 on a great pic! That Monti in the background has some nice color!