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  1. Green branching hammer for sale

    @Bonzi Please list price(s) for individual head(s) or as a colony. As per forum rules. Rules for buying and selling can be found in the link below. Great looking coral offered. Thank you & GLWS!
  2. upgrade from 25 Gallon Hex to 180 gallon

    I run three Sbreeflights basics with my Apex. Variable speed 1 runs the 3 blue channels. VS2 runs the whites. VS3 & 4 run some jebao Rw8's. Lights ramp up just fine and never seen them flicker. Maybe the Mars Aqua units are different thoigh...
  3. xr30

    No prob Battle! Tank of that caliber needs to be showed off from time to time! Lol
  4. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Well fill that bad boy up! It is your Birthday and all... LMBO Happy Birthday @RedStickReefer!
  5. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Man that is simplistic, but so friggin' bad a**!!! Shoot man I bet you can! What, you done forgot you were once the Coral Whisperer???!!!!???
  6. xr30

    Picture of @Smtwinn gorgeous tank I had saved on my phone!!! He is in fact running three on his 300g DD...
  7. xr30

    Check your measurements and calculations. 60"×24"×24" is 150g. 72"×24"×24" is 180g. Regardless, we are talking coverage and I believe two radions could handle the 60"×24×24 if you placed them high above the tank and ran the intensity higher. If I recall, @Smtwinn was running 5 or 6 radions over his 300g DD 72"×36×27, but he pulled a few off... he may be running 3 maybe 4 now and still gets plenty of coverage and growth! On my 60×24×24 150g I run 3 of the Sbreeflights basic models. My blues never go over 50% and whites max out at 28%. Granted I also run some t5's to supplement them. I bet if they were high enough I could get by with only two lights, but they would have to be 20plus inches AWL (above water line) and the intensity would have to be turned way up... Good luck with it! The research that goes into purchasing equipment, putting it all together, and the end results are some of the most rewarding times in reef keeping!!!
  8. LF PH Recommendation for 30g Long

    Think that'll work nicely. I ran the two rw8's on the packed 40B refugee tank after the flood. I had to dial them down alot, but the extra flow was their when I wanted to crank them up and stir the detritus up when doing a wc. I think this will be your cheapest alternative for this tank so you can save up for the dream build!!!
  9. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Fair enough... Although you could've had @RoughLSUfan son come smash that rock for you!!! His young son does the best Hulk Smash impersonation I've ever seen!!! Man I'm excited to see where this little 30l goes my friend! Whenever I moved all my corals into a 40B after the flood, I had the best growth spurt I've ever seen out of any of my corals since being in this hobby! Tank had no sand, no fish, packed to the gills with rock w/ sps, lps, zoas, palys, and a clam... Used a Rubbermaid tote for a sump. Very simple buy man it got the job done!!!
  10. Mark's Marine artificial rock info

    I know Coral Connection in Kenner used to make an "in house" artificial rock. Wonder if they mistaken the name of store? Whenever I bought my first used saltwater set-up, it came with live rock that came from CC. It looks like small gravel pieces/ aragonite with some kind of hydraulic cement to bond it all together. I have a few interesting pieces of it in my 150g to this day....
  11. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    If you decide to bust it up, I've got an old wet tile saw that I've used to cut BRS reef saver rock up in order to make shelf rock. Cuts thru it like butter! Just throwing that out there if you wanted to try to make you some shelf pieces...
  12. LF PH Recommendation for 30g Long

    I'm still using my original jebao wp40 that I bought a few weeks before the meet we had at @lars many yrs back. That was back when they first came out!! I eventually had to replace the power supply on the Wp40 that cost me 14bucks... I have and still run a wp25 that I had picked up used later on that yr. Also, I have two Rw'8s that i have that are several yrs old. I picked up two RW4's for my sons 30g tank, but we haven't put water in it yet. I guess these things are like anything else.... Some last forever and some are lemons... For the money, if they do crap out, you can replace them. I picked up two MP40QD's a few months back for my tank, but still have the Rw8's in there to stir stuff up behind my rock work... As long as you clean them every six months or so, they seem to do fine.
  13. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

  14. Fluval sp6 or jebao dct/dcs 9000

    My Fluval SP4 has been a solid, quite return pump. On my 150g It runs two 3/4 loc lines, uv sterilizer, refugium, chaeto reactor, and I have seperate Carbon and gfo reactors plumbed in, but are currently off line. I still have to throttle it back with everything running....
  15. Man this 3 weeks have been horrible

    You can come borrow some of my water and I'll take some of yours! My 'trates keep creeping up to 25 on the Salifert test kit if my eyes are reading the pink(s) right... Not sure whats going on and why they keep creeping up. Lost a few LPS but no Sps as of yet. One more hoorah to Illinois this week thru the weekend and then Im going to go borrow some chaeto for my reactor from @saltyfish808 hopefully next week.(I don't know if he knows this yet!);Lmao Sorry to hear bout this David and Mr. Joe. Damn shame these tanks have to act like stepwives sometimes!