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  1. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    I don't recall if he is an ORA bred fish or not... I forgot to ask John at AquaHut. I've read alot of old threads about how shy they are and how long it takes for them to get accustomed to their new home. And that wild caught ones are usually more vivid in color than say aquacultured ones. I'm loving mine so far! He swims all funny! He looks like he's been on a three day drunk! Considering I didn't see him at all for a few days til this morning he sure has been active this evening! Over the weekend I checked everywhere and couldn't find him. I even checked the overflow box and filter socks a few times. I guess he found him a cave and slept it off for a few days! Lmao. Him and the Royal Gramma are like peas and carrots this evening... I might have to try a Blue Assessor eventually just cause these ate some neat lil fish! Good deal having a neighbor come over. At least you can keep dibs on the tank with the Apex, plus have them check on things too. It sucks to be on vacation, but worrying about the tank the entire time! I've noticed that if I'm not home and my a.c. isn't kicked down to 66 at night like it usually is, my pH will get a little wonky as well. If it's a weekend then no big deal, but a week and then alk starts jumping around. I installed a Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat just so I can turn the air down some while I'm gone. Plus, I've left for a week hunting trip once and it was 70* so I left the a.c. on. Cpl days later a cold front came through and the house heater wasn't on... I came home to a cold house. Apex showed the heater stayed on all the time, so that got me worried that if it failed then the tank would've froze to death.. between the Apex, Wi-Fi thermostat, and two heaters I feel better about being outta town now. Now I just need to get a camera on the tank and sump so I can truly check in on things and I'll be set!
  2. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    I just go now and leave the lion king playing on the tv for the tank to watch... circle of life... only the strong survive! A lot of my stuff has been through some things with the tank swap and then the flood and another cpl tank swaps. Has the Yellow Assessor came out yet? I picked one up the other day too. He disappeared for a few days and I noticed him out this morning front and center. Pretty fish!
  3. Aiptasia Laser Rental - $25/week.

    Good deal. I'll def give it a try after we get Macna behind us. I'll try to zap as many as I can find and then throw some more peps in there. The last time I threw a dozen peps in, my pink spotted goby ate a bunch of them. I might have to catch Mr. Grouchy and put him in my 29g for awhile to let the peps do their thing... thx bro
  4. Aiptasia Laser Rental - $25/week.

    Man I've always had a few aips here and there, but was able to keep them at bay with Aip rx... Well ffwd to now and they seem to be gaining more ground on me... It's like for every one I kill two more pop up... I just noticed a big little cluster of about a dozen down low by the base of my overflow box kinda behind my rockwork. I think I could get to them thru the side glass. I have a few smaller ones that some of my sps are actually having to grow around... the last time I tried hitting them with Aip rx I killed off more of the coral and didn't put a dent in the aips... Does the laser kill them fast enough to where they don't have time to spit out spores and spawn more evil siblings?? Is it able to fry them bastards, so they don't come back? I might need to try this out in a few weeks say after MACNA.
  5. Giesemann Spectra

    Man I bet that sucker can grow some coral! Slap some 250w 20k radiums and 4 t5s in that bad boy and let it rip tater chip!!! Tried and true method there!! It looks to be a solid fixture. Prolly same material as the Pacific Sun fixtures. My only concern would be the heat from the halide bulbs, but I bet it would be manageable with some fans blowing across the surface of the water. Might be able to get by without having to have a chiller.
  6. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    that's real good news! Good deal!
  7. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    How are things coming along @kirk_m? How's the temporary holding tank(s) making out now that it's HOT!?? Here's to hoping everything is doing well for ya' brother!
  8. Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    Great job! Really awesome thing you are doing.
  9. Cool PoTM Collage

    That's bad a**! We all about pics around here, especially of colorful fish and corals!
  10. Corals for sale.

    I want to grab some from you next time we run into each other next few weeks.
  11. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    30+ lol! I picked up three small fish. A spotted mandarin, Tail-spot blenny, and a Royal Gramma. Ive got about a dozen now. Biggest fish being my Blue Headed wrasse and my 5 yr old pink spotted goby.
  12. Acro pic

    Nice hidden gem!
  13. POTM July 2017 Winner

    Congrats! Love all those beautiful fat polyps!!!
  14. POTM submission August 2107 (Obviously Altered)

    Ugh Oh! @Grey Ghost is good at these!!!
  15. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    I don't mind doing water changes every other weekend, but here lately I haven't had the time or the want to! Everything is doing great so I figured missing a water change or two wouldn't be a big deal. I seen a BRStv 160 video the other day stating they were swapping from the zeovit method and going to the Triton. I need to watch the video and see what their reasons were. Thanks Battle! Hopefully it'll be a as grand as yours one day!!! I bought a few fish yesterday in hopes to get a little more action in there. I still need about 20 more!