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  1. Haha thanks guys! I had one sps go tits up for reasons unknown last month... This past month I've been so busy I've just let the tank sit there and marinate. It's looking great now! I've got one more game to coach this week (make up game)... We won out in the tourney yesterday, so the season is winding to an end. I had several big jobs hit all at once, but they are almost wrapped up as well. I'm fixing to hit Easy Street for awhile and get things ready for Macna! Tank was looking really good last Sunday night during the Lsu/ Ms State game!
  2. I was looking at the tank and was like why does it have baffles in it. Lol I then realized the sump was inside it. Haha. Good looking glass! I like how these systems look when set up. Sexy!
  3. Oh gee thanks... You jinxed me @Travis! Lmao Noticed my tri-color valida had a bone-white branch on it when i got home from work this evening. A tip of my purple digi RTN'd too. What gives!?!?!? Everything else looks fine and dandy. Tested and everything is normal. These two corals did this a month or two back, but they bounced back. They are side by side, so I wonder if they are getting too much/little of something or other... either light or flow. It's weird that a digi would be as finicky as a valida, but it is. All I know is that they better tighten-up or bone-up. Rats! I forgot to add pic!
  4. Those are some pretty cool float switch assemblies! Do the guards come off so the float can be cleaned? Where'd ya find those at? BTW that Artisan || is a nice Tank!
  5. I'd do the Midas but I don't know when I could get over to ya! Working Sat and Monday, so I reckon no rest for the wicked! Let me see how my Sunday pans out and I might take a ride over to ya. If some one comes through and wants to buy them all, then by all means let them. Thx bro.
  6. Safe to say all of your fish have ick now that they've been exposed to it. When I first got started reefing I had ick in my tank. I just kept the fish happy and that seemed to work. On occasion one would stress out and a few white dots would show up. My clowns, gobies, bennies never really showed signs since they have a slimy-er skin/scale.. My tangs seemed to show signs more but keeping a few different types of nori in front of them all day def seemed to help. If it gets bad and fish start dying off try to get them into qt as fast as possible. I think it was marine velvet that took out 15 of my fish last yr and it was bad! Fish would be fine one day and dead the next!. If you need a trap hit me up if you go that route bro. Good luck!
  7. Poor guy had about the same luck as me! Lol. I walked outside this morning and got stung by one of those big red wasp right on my neck on my spinal cord. Sucker bout paralyzed me for a cpl hrs. It's still swolen and burning.
  8. I really like that liverock!
  9. Tank has been marinating and chugging along. I've kept my hands out of it as much as possible and just let it do its thing. I had to test daily for a month to get the Kalk stirrer and dosing pump dialed in. 1.75 cups in the reactor changed every three weeks. Avast dosing pump let's loose 4250mls of limewater daily. I'm still having to dose 50mls of BRS sodium bicarbonate alk and 20mls of BRS calcium chloride cal. It's been fun figuring out. In April I had one incident where a few corals freaked and rtn'd some the next day. The night before I added 6 tbls rox.8 to a media back and put it in the sump. The following day the water was crystal clear, but skin was peeling off a the spa. I chunked the bag and things have bounced back. Not sure what took place, but my alk and cal where rock solid so I blamed it on the carbon... Especially after seeing what these same corals looked like in the 40 breeder. I did not use carbon or gfo on it and the sps looked great. I'm going to hold off on using it if possible.
  10. Things got a little weird in my tank 3 weeks back.. This guy was putting out some coral food for about 30mins!
  11. I had a Great time! How could you not have a good time with good food, friends, music, and corals! I really enjoyed myself today! Fingers are still burning from the seasoning. Picked up some nice corals from @Corals Down South too! It was great seeing some old faces there as well. PB isn't working for me but here's a few pics!