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  1. Tunze osmolator 3155 overfilling

    Think I got it figured out last night by re-routing the pump's line to the return chamber. Same chamber sensor is in. Same way I had my previous ATO set up. Guess it was taking to long to mix in the display enough to finally register in the return chamber...
  2. Tunze osmolator 3155 overfilling

    I picked up a brand new TO 3155 many months back, but never installed it on my tank. Well, yesterday, I pulled my 6 yro JBJ ato w/ AquaLifter pump off and installed the 3155. Problem I am having is when it fills it is adding too much... I have both the sensor eye and the high limit float on the same magnet in a calm corner of my return section. I decided on this install to let the pump add fresh top off water to the display tank instead of the sump. My JBJ used to add to the return section. Is it possible that it is taking too much time for the newly added water to mix inside the 150g display tank and by the time the electronic eye senses it in the return section it is too high? Where it adds water the line is well above the water line in the display so there is no way it can pull a siphon either. Also, I turned the flow of the pump down by taking the cover off the Tunze 5017 water level controller. This seemed to help, but not a solid fix. I'm debating about just letting it add top off water to the same section as the sensor like my old set up did. Blue tape in pic is where the optical eye water level is, but it keeps adding water after that line is reached. Any advice and help sure would be appreciated. My salinity dropped from the usual 1.026 to bumping 1.024 in 24 hrs trying to figure it out and now I'm not confident in it.... I woke up this morning to it being too high, but the controller had a blinking red light saying too low.... wtf!
  3. Diy chaeto reactor

    Now i think we will have better luck at growing some chaeto! Getting alot more uumph out of the cool white strip. Going to run both strips for 12hrs and see what happens. Last pic is what the last two weeks of gha growth looked like on the chaeto. When I cleaned it last night there were tons of different size pods in it. I collected what I could and put them in my son's tank.
  4. POTM November 2017 Winner

    Congrats on a nice pic. That's a fine coral as well! I love long shaggy polyps on sps!
  5. Diy chaeto reactor

    Well after having three nice balls of luscious green chaeto whither away and basically get smothered out by hair algae in the reactor, I started wondering what it could be. My tank has had elevates Nitrates the entire time, so I don't think it's from lack of nutrients. I've tried 12hr, 18hr, and even a 24hr photoperiod with no luck. I've tried changing the flow rate through the reactor as well. No dice... I started thinking that maybe it was from the lack of Iron or another trace element. I ordered some if these trace elements, but chickened out on dosing them until I can test each of them... I did have a thought cross my mind last week that maybe the light just isn't strong enough? After seeing tons of success stories with similar strip lights it never occurred to me to check... Well I did and I was like, "WTF"!!! I stuck my Biotek par meter sensor down inside the reactor tube and at the very best, I'm getting a whooping 15 umol ! So instead of throwing all this shat out in the backyard, I ordered another 15ft of cool white leds to see if that'l do it. I just have to put them in the tube one evening. If this don't work I'm going back to having an ugly refugium in my sump with a par38 bulb in a cheap reflector from the hardware store! @saltyfish808 how has your reactor been doing with those lights?
  6. Joining the ranks of the itty bitty fishy committee....

    Lot of cool stuff to look at in a small tank if you just take the time to notice it! Looking great man. I'm glad to see you still got the reefing bug. Lol. Mark your Calendar and make sure you come check out Fragniappe March 3rd!!!! Hope to see you there!
  7. Upgrade Alert..Bobby's(Saldarya) Old Tank

    Wow! Foxface done ran into the wrong hiding spot! I wonder if the clowns were just doubling down because of the Super Blue Blood moon! Lol
  8. Method for managing nitrates

    My No3 has been elevated in my tank for awhile now. Since well before MACNA they were between 10-25 ppm with a Salifer or the Nyos test kit. Hard to get an exact reading on them in that range with either kit, but they aren't over 25 nor under 10... Anywho, I thought the DIY Chaeto reactor would help, but all it does is let Chaeto die off over time... I've messed with the flow thru it, length of photoperiod, and just can't get it to grow. It will get green hair algae on it, so I know there are availale nutrients for it. I think it needs another light strip. I plan to use some De*nitrate in a filter bag in my sump to see if it will help knock some No3 down. When this thread was first posted I said thats all me!!! Goal is to get between 5-10 between water changes. PO4 stays around .002-.007 with 10 TBLSPoons of BRS GFO in a reactor changes every 3 weeks. It's been pretty stable and easy to maintain since I don't feed much. The elevated NO3 is what I don't understand... Tank looks to clean at times...
  9. Hammer coral fusion graft

  10. pink Pocillopora and monti cap

    I got purple and green digi, montipora Spongode, and purple cap i can break you something off if you wanna ride by one evening.
  11. Hammer coral fusion graft

  12. I'm glad to see you have revived this thread Mr. Richard @Shadow1!!! I used to love this thread! Matter a fact I need to do a wc tonight and update my ragidy NAUGHTY WORD 150g tank thread! Lmao Can' wait to see if you can duplicate another build like the 40B was! Going to have to fill them saddle bags up on that Harley!
  13. Fragniappe 2018

    Very good points, but Then ya have to arrange to mail all the stuff to customers or arrange pick up... total headache, time, and money. BRK has raffled stuff off in the past and it took months to cooridinate getting won items to the individuals. Plus, customer isn't out in the exhibit hall buying stuff( from exhibitors who packed all their stuff miles and miles to sell) while waiting on the raffle to take place... Nonetheless, we hope to see you there! Maybe you can find some raffle items that you really would like, and maybe have a reefer buddy hold tickets for You? Don't let the raffle discourage you though. Plenty of awesome stuff to see and be a part Of!
  14. Fragniappe 2018

    Yes you have to be present to win for the raffle items. Sorry!!! Tell the newlyweds they need to reschedule that BS!