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  1. Thanks!! Updated list of sold items and pending!
  2. Prices are negotiable need gone! 20g innovative marine tank, sicce return pump, and media baskets $120 *return pump brand new* SOLD!! ocean revive t247 lights $120 *Brand new* pending!! Aquamaxx HOB-1 skimmer $80*used* ehiem 75w heater $20 *2months old* pending!! tunze 3152 brand new (magnet) not included $50 SOLD!! MP10WQD $140 (not included in fullt setup price) Red Sea reef foundation pro multi test kit $40 ( maybe 5 tests used and new alk refill) -Tim
  3. Ive done a search on here and on google and read a bit but am wondering yalls opinion on my experience so far. First saltwater tank in almost 3 years. Aquarium is 2 and a half months old and cycle finished about a month back. When cycle was completed I added a royal gramma that looked great for right at about a week, then over night fin rot took his entire tail and I lost him that day. I added another royal gramma about a week and half ago, and last night I noticed what looked like fin rot starting on the poor guy too. Question is, does fin rot live in the water? I thought it was within the fish brought on by stress. Tank is the fluval 13 gallon. Salinity is stable with ato at 026. Temp is stable 78-80 throughout the day. Levels are 0,0,5-10 using api (not the best I know) or could this just be bad luck? Or anything else I need to test for? I feed him every other day mix of brine, mysis, pellets. Any thoughts are appreciated. P.S. i do have about 15 frags total that all look great and a few have already shown growth, sps, lps, and zoas
  4. I have a new in box white AI Prime HD that I am looking to sell for $180 or trade for a MP10. Seal hasn't even been broken on the box yet.
  5. As title says, looking for snowflake clown around lafayette. If you have anything feel free to message.
  6. Hey all, been a while since I had to tear down my old tank, but am back at it again after a couple years with a fluval 13. Tank has had water in it for a little bit now still in cycle stage but the more i look at my rock, the more im stuck in the middle on it. First off, the scape is very stable and epoxy was used on 75% of it and has a wide base under the sand that isn't really visible. But I'm kinda stuck on thinking there are too many breaks in the rock or a place or two that looks like a rock was just played on top. Think this would go away with time and when the reef starts to fill up? Just looking for thoughts on the rockwork. Tell me if you like it, don't like it. What you might change etc. I have always like the minimalistic look more than rock wall to wall. And also just to give an idea, the tank will be beginner sps mid to top, Los, so as etc bottom. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Hi all, been a while since ive been on here. To basically cut to the chase, Its been about 3 years since ive had my last nano (which i parted out to make room for a newborn haha) but recently me and the mother have split up and Im currently going through a divorce. Not that you need to know my personal but its got me down and I was wanting to find something to help sooth me at times. And then it clicked. I want to start a pico reef. The only problem is, the situation I am going through has all of my finances. I wanted to know if it would be possible to set up a 5 gallon or 2.5 gallon for my computer desk and be able to have sand, rock and water in it for under $100. My thought was to try and find a small AGA, slap a Aquaclear on it for filtration help and water circulation. Find a cheaper heater for the time being and Maybe a clamp on LED light?? The goal of the tank would be to have 1 fish, CUC, softies like ZOAS, zenia, mushrooms, and possibly frogspawn/hammers. Nothing more than that. I just wanted to know if you guys think that would be possible or am I dreaming lol. I know how expensive this hobby is due to my previous tank but this would be something to keep my sane and busy staying on top of water changes and top offs. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. -Tim
  8. Had moved out of La for a few months training for a job. Now that I am back am looking to grab a AIO nano (8-16 gallons or so, something that can fit on desktop). First thought was to use a 10 gallon tank I have laying around but if I can find a AIO decent price id like to go that route, would need everything but Lights as I have an idea for nano LED already. Just testing the waters and seeing whats out there! Would be looking to purchase within the next month. Hopefully close to Lafayette. Can text me at 337 781 2109 -Tim
  9. Bump, all is OBO need gone this week. Text is best.
  10. I have a few items I need to get rid of before my move mid July. I have 30 pounds of Marco Rocks base rock. $50 obo 2 new ATI 24 inch bulbs (Blue+, Coral+) $25 for both Have a 20L and 10g tank as well. 40 gallons or so of Reef Crystal Salt $10 In lafayette 3377870220 Tim
  11. at the moment no, and they are pending at the moment. time stamped. Will keep updated. thanks
  12. Selling both together for $80 OBO this weekend! Need gone. Snowflake is about 1.5 in and healthy space monsters roughly 9 polyps Tim Lafayette 3377870220