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  1. Ok. I can split this stuff up. I can sell the LEDs separate but have to be sold by the pair. Each pair uses 1 ballast and a splitter. So there are 2 pairs, can sell each pair for $160 shipped. can sell each of the mh fixture and ballast for $130 shipped. I can throw in 4 extra bulbs for each of the mogul fixtures as well. the led strips are 15" Xho still sell new for $143. For just 1 strip.
  2. Selling 3 of the Reef Brite mh/LED hybrid fixtures. Each comes with a Vertex ballast and I have 9 extra bulbs that I will throw in. 2 fixtures are mogul base, 1 is double end. 2 have both sets of led's 1 does not have any. They are over a 5ft tank right now. I put 2 strips on center and 1 on each fixture on the end. Just text me for pics or any questions you have. 417 689 5929. Units have to be shipped since I am in missouri. Asking $600 shipped. Now I would sell seperate if I can get at least 2 of them sold.