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  1. A150 ocean blue $100 A360 Dimmable/Adjustable color $200 Both $250 Can text pics and more info upon request Easiest way to get in touch is text, 5 oh 4 Nine 12-0951
  2. Just add a thousandth to your reading, and keep your salinity consistent...thats what matters the most IMO. Obviously you dont want it to be way off, but if you get the same number every time you are good to go.
  3. I wish! These are pics i got a long time ago, it seems very few people have this digi. It is definitely on the want list.
  4. This was my exact thought when you kicked it off with red planet. I will add to the list: Forest fire digitata
  5. hvfc6040

    Weeeee Doggie

    Just curious, what lights are you running?
  6. hvfc6040

    BC 29 Wavemaker

    1 is more than enough. I ended up taking out the mp10 and going with a koralia instead, the mp10 was just too much.
  7. Got a fixture I need to test with a known good bulb, before I spend the cash on a new bulb, just to find out it has a bad ballast. Preferably in New Orleans area. Just need to plug it in, test it and give it back. Thanks
  8. I was just looking for your post about the 15's, dang it lol
  9. Im seriously thinking about going back to t5. I absolutely love the kessil I have, but I have had ZERO growth in close to 6 months now. Problem is, I have a rimless biocube and would hate to put a big bulky fixture on it. I have an old 18" t5 fixture, but its disgustingly ugly, and I cant really mount it any other way but on the rim. Has anyone seen any 18" fixtures, or bulbs for that matter? I cant find anything decent.
  10. As long as the pump is still running, it won't trip a gfci. The tank it was in was keeping it cool enough to not short to ground, hence no trip on the gfci. gf= ground fault. It would need to sense a higher amperage than what the mj pump was pulling. The pump wasnt shorted enough yet. Once it got hot enough to trip something, it would have happened either at the gfci or at the breaker for the outlet. In my unprofessional opinion, the chance of fire would have been slim. You would have had to have both a bad gfci and a bad breaker. With that said, I will be replacing my MJ pump tomorrow. lol. Oh and as for the low volatge dc thing, Ive seen way more power supplies cause fires than pumps that run ac voltage. Power supplies are all ticking time bombs, again in my unprofessional opinion. They rank right up there with ballasts.
  11. Ive got a window unit in harvey you are more than welcome to borrow just in case you need it
  12. Why would you quit a job to become a volunteer anything? Just curious.
  13. Imho you need to find an lfs lighting their tank with radions before you decide. I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how good they make the corals look. I was only running 150 watt mh on my tank and the switch to led was not only painless but dropped my light bill by 10ish bucks a month. Not to mention that top off water lasts me a month + now instead of a week or so.
  14. From a kessil owner, radion wins hands down. While the kessil keeps the halide look much better, the colors of the corals are amazing with radion. If I could afford radion, I would definitely light my tank with that....but I cant so the kessil stays.
  15. While Ive neevr owned a radion, it is hands down the best looking light Ive ever seen lighting a tank. The colors it produces on the corals are amazing, makes it look like actinics are on and the tank could be white. If I ever upgrade it will be to radions.
  16. Thats a long ways off. We had a train blow off the bridge but power outages were minimal. Mostly due to the fact that all the poles here are only a few years old
  17. Sounds good, just let me know.
  18. This. Looks so natural. Let it run and see what happens, don't give up on it.
  19. Whats the center brace made of, and what is it's dimensions?
  20. Lmao. Just wondering if/how you were going to brace the floor. I'm wanting to upgrade and unsure on how I'm going to brace my floor.