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  1. Dlin71

    seachem additives - mandeville

    Most have never been opened. Decided to go balling method. Clarity Reef advantage CA Stability Reef fusion 1 and 2 Advantage MG Reef buffer Strontium Reef builder-raises carbonate alk Red sea algae control kit 60 bucks- take it all.
  2. Dlin71

    Welcome BRK !

    We will be there as well! Looking forward to meeting you guys.
  3. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Not so fancy... since we moved in, that is... haha!
  4. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Ghettobrook. Behind PAC.
  5. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    No but we were able to modify with pvc and make it work. Everyone is happy and I can resume feeding as before. Can't stand the begging.
  6. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Sad to say, little paranoid and OCD with this tank. Overboard is more like it... Thanks. We have extra pumps for EVERYTHING except the skimmer. As of tomorrow it will be a nonissue.
  7. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Yes and yes. Pump will come on for 1 sec tops then stop again. Ordered the "upgraded" pump overnight. Should be here Friday. Now wishing I would have not fed corals and fish today and hoping new pump fits. Just added 2 new large tangs and 7 show piece acros in addition to a large blue haddoni less than a month ago... Most within the last week.
  8. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Did so. It was clean with the exception of a little slime.
  9. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Or... Does anyone in the mandeville area have an extra skimmer lying around? The pump is no longer being made. Afraid new one will not fit.
  10. Dlin71

    Waveline dc-5000 pump

    Rlss skimmer pump will not turn on after pausing. Only 5 mo old. Any ideas?
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  12. Dlin71

    New from Mandeville

    I have purchased a few fish and anemone from Adventure Pets and 5 tangs from Aquahut. The hut has the best selection that I have run across to date. I've called Blue Heaven a couple of times and no one answered. I guess I'll drop in and check them out. Thank's guys!
  13. Dlin71

    New from Mandeville

    We have recently returned to the hobby after the Katrina crash. A lot has changed since then! We filled our 200 rimless about a month ago. She cycled quickly and we began adding fish a few weeks ago. We prefer to keep our business local... By local I mean 50 miles. Any suggestions?