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  1. Welcome back, sorry to hear about your tank. What's your plan for your build? Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  2. Cool. That works. I guess I'll start by saying I may have some mind blower palys, la Lakers and some yellow palys I can frag if anyone is interested.
  3. If u remember to, hit me up before,macna and I'd like to get some from u.
  4. Nobody? Open frag thread guys.. Post your frags available!! Softy, lps, sps, etc.. Got less than 2 weeks till the meet!!
  5. Thanks greg, just been inactive for a bit, had to sell the big tank and figure some stuff out and ended up landing in a reef store. Figured now as good as time as any to get back into it.
  6. Greetings everybody, Been awhile since my last post on any of the forums, my name is Justin and I work at aquatic sealife. As posted we will be hosting a frag swap on Feb 4th. Figured it would be a good idea to get a frag thread started for the event, so everybody knows who's got what and then can discuss trade and etc in P.M. I do have to admit being a zoa nerd myself, I'm also looking for frags of polyps I don't have so let's see what everybody has got. Hope to see everybody there, happy reefing!
  7. Jak13

    Looking to Trade

    Theres a bit i dont have but what im mainly looking for is hardy sps in nice colors. Im always up for euphyllia, acans, zoas etc. Nothing green however. Some sps can be green but nothing else. But i am looking for some other colors as well like yellows, pink/red, blue, ya know not green lol Why dont u text me and we can swap tank pics. Thats how im doing it with other members.
  8. If falls through i have same color morph.
  9. Jak13

    LF blue xenia

    Why u taking it down?
  10. Jak13

    LF blue xenia

    Got a pic 6lilfish?
  11. List updated some prices dropped. Make me an offer
  12. Some items sold list updated