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  1. Large mystery wrasse

    If you were in BR I would take him.
  2. Mistakes in Reefing

    I think mine would have to be not testing the salt I use beforehand and trusting what the salt maker completely.
  3. Red Sea Salt's for sale

    I bought another box of fritz. I will test each box when they come in and if I get a bad box I will send it back and get a new one.
  4. Red Sea Salt's for sale

  5. Red Sea Salt's for sale

    I have a bucket of Red Sea Pro that has about 80% still left in it and a bucket of the Red Sea Sea Salt ( blue bucket) with about 20% still left in it. Asking $35 for the Red Sea Pro and $10 for the Red Sea Sea Salt.
  6. Like new Jebao QP-16 pump for sale

  7. Like new Jebao QP-16 pump for sale

    I have a QP-16 quiet pump used about 3 weeks or so for sale. Paid $120 asking $90.
  8. High end sps

    Lol, yea most are all small frags because I had to restock what I lost. Very few are fragable right now though.
  9. High end sps

    Give me some time and I'll have for sale. I have the following. JF HomewreckerRR Pink FloydOregon TortPink LemonadeCali TortAtlantis BonzaiRR Orange passion acroRed Robin acroAquarium specialty tiger blood milliASD Rainbow milliTSA Billy F'n MurrayTSA Pinnapple JuiceMr PacmanBlue HawkinsFHC Tropical Twist MilleFHC Electric chair MillePalmers Blue MilleWWC Christmas Mirabilis AcroWWC snowdropWWC snow dragonWWC toxic waste acroPurple SlimmerJF fruity pebbles montiAppleberry montiReverse sunset montiMiyagi tortTyree Blue Matrix Tyree Purple Monster Rocky Mountain Frags Acid Trip Milli
  10. Fish life

    No I haven't replaced him yet
  11. Palmers blue milli for sale

  12. Palmers blue milli for sale

    Well I have another frag for sale. I was cleaning my tank and hit this frag off of the mother colony. Same price as before. This frag is just a little bigger than the last.
  13. Powerhead needed, suggestions?

    Yea the magnet on the dry side look like someone took a knife or something and jacked up it up. They both were 10+ years old and and were starting to make a high pitched noise. Trust me I would love to not spend the money on something new.
  14. Powerhead needed, suggestions?

    What about the Jebao QP-16?
  15. Powerhead needed, suggestions?

    I'm leaning on going with a cheap pump for a little while until the new reef octopus pump comes out in the next few months. The problem is I just don't know which cheap pump to get.