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  1. I ordered some new salt a few weeks ago and when it was suppose to arrive it was signed by someone else not in my office. I called the company I order the salt from and they said that its not a big deal and that they will send out a new box to me. Well I got a call today from the office in the front of my office complex that I work at saying they have had the salt for a weeks now and that its their for pick up. I go and get the box from them and noticed it was opened, the box I'm referring too. In the box was the packing slip that had my address on it, so I get why they opened the box, however the bag that the salt was in was upside down. I flipped it up and it does not appear that anything has been messed with. I called the company I ordered it from and they said just to keep it. What would you do with the salt?
  2. Checkitout

    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Nice to see you getting stuff back Kirk. I just a frag of pearlberry in on Friday that I think you maybe interested in later down the road.
  3. Checkitout

    Atlantis Aquarium Bonsai chunky frag for sale

  4. Checkitout

    Atlantis Aquarium Bonsai chunky frag for sale

    Thanks man.
  5. Checkitout

    Atlantis Aquarium Bonsai chunky frag for sale

    Thanks man.
  6. Like the title states I have a chunky frag of the Atlantis aquarium bonsai for sale. Asking $40.
  7. I was looking for a couple pumps to add to the back of my tank for the dead spots and noticed the Eheim streamon pumps. Not much is out their on these but they are carried by most of the big boy supply companies online. For whatever reason Dr Foster and Smith have these things for a really low price right now. I had to hurry and get these before they were sold out and for the price I couldn't pass on them. Here is a link to them if you want to give them a try.
  8. Checkitout

    3 pack sps frags

    Pack pending.
  9. Checkitout

    3 pack sps frags

    Price bump. $60
  10. Checkitout

    3 pack sps frags

    Yea they are mine too, but I would add in the Palmers blue milli. The Orgeon tort is still the bluest of the bunch. Bump this to the top.
  11. Checkitout

    3 pack sps frags

    I have a frag pack with 3 frags. They are a frag of Oregon tort, Tyree blue Matrix, a pink birdsnest. Ask for the pack $70.
  12. Checkitout

    3 pack chunky acros

    Pending pick up
  13. Checkitout

    3 pack chunky acros

    Ok I have interest in individual pieces, so before I split up the pack I will lower the price down to $105 for all three pieces. Basically $35 a piece, which to me is a very fair price on these larger frags. They go for $80+ each for booger sized frags online.
  14. Checkitout

    3 pack chunky acros

    I fragged these about two weeks about. They are larger frags with lots of branches. The pack includes Mr. Pacman, WWC Toxic Waste Acro ( very bright green), and WWC Christmas Mirabilis ( tabling acro). For all three I'm asking $120.
  15. Checkitout

    Large mystery wrasse

    If you were in BR I would take him.