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  1. Chunk of Palmer's Blue Milli-SOLD

  2. OF forest fire digi

    Hey man these guys are going to MACNA and can bring you the frag there so you don't have to pay for shipping.
  3. Coral request for MACNA

    Awesome. Thanks guys.
  4. Coral request for MACNA

    I was wondering if there is a spot to where the sponsors could see what corals we wanting to see. Like I'm looking for certain acro's and don't know who to ask to see if they are bringing them.
  5. No freaking way!

    Well it looks like it truly was a rainbow anemone, however he posted a video last night showing it probably isn't going to make it.
  6. No freaking way!

    Nice looking for sure. It just looks a little greasy to me. Show me a photo that doesn't have a smurf glow around it.
  7. Chunk of Palmer's Blue Milli-SOLD

    Piece is pending!!!
  8. Chunk of Palmer's Blue Milli-SOLD

    I was doing some fragging and knocked off a chunk of palmers blue milli. I will post photos of it tonight. Asking $40.
  9. Acro pic

    Sometimes those are the best ones. The acro that is my avatar was the same thing. Brown and not very appealing and then gave it a little TLC and boom, awesome rainbow acro. Nice looking acro Jerry.
  10. Oregon Tort frags for sale

    Price bump. The $25 frag is now $20. The other two frags are sold.
  11. WD acro... :D

    Thanks man. I will pm them.
  12. Oregon Tort frags for sale

    One of the $35 has been sold, the other $35 is pending, and the $25 one is still available.
  13. Oregon Tort frags for sale

    I can ship the $25 one for $40 shipped.
  14. Oregon Tort frags for sale

    Yea for sure man it was nice meeting you as well. I hope it does well for you.
  15. Oregon Tort frags for sale

    Ok Ill save one of those for you.