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  1. I broke down my tank and will be listing some random equipment for sale. I have two, in good condition, Mp40's for sale. Asking $250 for both.
  2. As of right now he is pending but I can put you second in line if you would like.
  3. All pm's have been responded too. Most things are pending pick up but what I do have left is 1 frag of blue matrix- $20, 2 yellow tail damsel - $10 for the pair, and 1 Mr. Pacman frag -$15
  4. Here is a quick photo of him. Just guessing 5 or 6 inches.
  5. Its probably about the size of your hand spread out. As of right now its pending.
  6. Right now both things are pending. I will put you second in line it they don't go thru. Thanks for the interest
  7. No biggie man. I got you down. Pro football size. Its big.
  8. Ok, but I don't have a red dragon.
  9. Just let me know and Ill put you down for it.
  10. I am selling the rest of my livestock as I am moving and will not have a tank for a few years. I have sold a lot of my livestock already and just need to sell the remaining pieces. I need them gone pretty soon so they are priced to sell. I do have fish that I will sell but I need the remaining corals sold first to remove the rocks to get the fish. 1st photo is large purple slimmer colony- $60 ( PENDING Seasidedeb) 2nd photo is The Oregon Tort & WWC Christmas Mirabilis on a huge rock ( they have to go together) - $125 ( SOLD) 3rd photo is a large colony of Mr. Pacman- $100 (SOLD) 4th photo is a large colony of Atlantis aquarium bonsai ( its on a large rock with mushrooms, and it shows signs of being stung by the mushrooms) - $40 (SOLD) 5th photo is a colony of Palmers blue Milli- $60 (PENDING Arab) (2nd in line saltyfish808) No photo- 3 frags of Mr. Pacman. $15 each ( 2 frags Pending tech4x4) Blue Matrix frag- $20 Fish that I will be selling ( I will post pics of them) Blue tang ( med to large) -$40 (Pending tech4x4) Pintail wrasse- $100 ( the top of his head for some reason has a whitish tint to it. (SOLD) Flame angel- $10 ( head has black marks on it) (PENDING tchan) 2 yellow tail damsel - $10 for the pair ORA orchid dottyback- $15 (Pending tech4x4) Chevron Tang ( large adult) - $40 ( PENDING Seasidedeb) (2nd in line saltyfish808) Purple tang that I rescued years ago that had hille, fins are messed up- Free ( PENDING Seasidedeb) Cleaners shrimp- $5 (PENDING ARAB) Flame hawk- $15 (Pending tech4x4) ORA Ocellaris Clownfish-$5 (Pending tech4x4) Barlett Anthias - $15 (Pending tech4x4)
  11. All corals are reduced by $5, except #1.
  12. I have 5 frags of the Mr Pacman acro, 1 reverse sunset monti, one blue matrix, and not pictured 1 wwc christmas mirabilis acro ($50) . All of the photos have the prices on them, numbered, and all have been healed for almost 30 days now. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks.