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  1. 3 pack sps frags

    Pack pending.
  2. 3 pack sps frags

    Price bump. $60
  3. 3 pack sps frags

    Yea they are mine too, but I would add in the Palmers blue milli. The Orgeon tort is still the bluest of the bunch. Bump this to the top.
  4. 3 pack sps frags

    I have a frag pack with 3 frags. They are a frag of Oregon tort, Tyree blue Matrix, a pink birdsnest. Ask for the pack $70.
  5. 3 pack chunky acros

    Pending pick up
  6. 3 pack chunky acros

    Ok I have interest in individual pieces, so before I split up the pack I will lower the price down to $105 for all three pieces. Basically $35 a piece, which to me is a very fair price on these larger frags. They go for $80+ each for booger sized frags online.
  7. 3 pack chunky acros

    I fragged these about two weeks about. They are larger frags with lots of branches. The pack includes Mr. Pacman, WWC Toxic Waste Acro ( very bright green), and WWC Christmas Mirabilis ( tabling acro). For all three I'm asking $120.
  8. Large mystery wrasse

    If you were in BR I would take him.
  9. Mistakes in Reefing

    I think mine would have to be not testing the salt I use beforehand and trusting what the salt maker completely.
  10. Red Sea Salt's for sale

    I bought another box of fritz. I will test each box when they come in and if I get a bad box I will send it back and get a new one.
  11. Red Sea Salt's for sale

  12. Red Sea Salt's for sale

    I have a bucket of Red Sea Pro that has about 80% still left in it and a bucket of the Red Sea Sea Salt ( blue bucket) with about 20% still left in it. Asking $35 for the Red Sea Pro and $10 for the Red Sea Sea Salt.
  13. Like new Jebao QP-16 pump for sale

  14. Like new Jebao QP-16 pump for sale

    I have a QP-16 quiet pump used about 3 weeks or so for sale. Paid $120 asking $90.
  15. High end sps

    Lol, yea most are all small frags because I had to restock what I lost. Very few are fragable right now though.