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  1. According to their description of the pump .........eFlux™ controllable DC flow pumps efficiently produce strong water flow with high pressure. Featuring a sealed DC motor and magnetic drive design, eFlux™ flow pumps can be used inline (external) or submersible in both marine and freshwater. Nothing is wrong with it I just took down my tank and no longer need it. It worked like a champ when it was in use. Here is the link to the pump where I bought it from
  2. Like the title states I have a Eflux pump 1900 GPH pump for sale. Looking to get $70.
  3. Like the title states, I have a ATB 840 v2.0 skimmer for sale. The needle wheel in the pump was replace about 8 months ago. Runs awesome and by far the best skimmer I've ever had. I'm asking $250.
  4. I broke down my tank and will be listing some random equipment for sale. I have two, in good condition, Mp40's for sale. Asking $250 for both.
  5. As of right now he is pending but I can put you second in line if you would like.
  6. All pm's have been responded too. Most things are pending pick up but what I do have left is 1 frag of blue matrix- $20, 2 yellow tail damsel - $10 for the pair, and 1 Mr. Pacman frag -$15
  7. Here is a quick photo of him. Just guessing 5 or 6 inches.
  8. Its probably about the size of your hand spread out. As of right now its pending.
  9. Right now both things are pending. I will put you second in line it they don't go thru. Thanks for the interest
  10. No biggie man. I got you down. Pro football size. Its big.
  11. Ok, but I don't have a red dragon.
  12. Just let me know and Ill put you down for it.