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  1. I broke down my tank and will be listing some random equipment for sale. I have two, in good condition, Mp40's for sale. Asking $250 for both.
  2. As of right now he is pending but I can put you second in line if you would like.
  3. All pm's have been responded too. Most things are pending pick up but what I do have left is 1 frag of blue matrix- $20, 2 yellow tail damsel - $10 for the pair, and 1 Mr. Pacman frag -$15
  4. Here is a quick photo of him. Just guessing 5 or 6 inches.
  5. Its probably about the size of your hand spread out. As of right now its pending.
  6. Right now both things are pending. I will put you second in line it they don't go thru. Thanks for the interest
  7. No biggie man. I got you down. Pro football size. Its big.
  8. Ok, but I don't have a red dragon.
  9. Just let me know and Ill put you down for it.
  10. I am selling the rest of my livestock as I am moving and will not have a tank for a few years. I have sold a lot of my livestock already and just need to sell the remaining pieces. I need them gone pretty soon so they are priced to sell. I do have fish that I will sell but I need the remaining corals sold first to remove the rocks to get the fish. 1st photo is large purple slimmer colony- $60 ( PENDING Seasidedeb) 2nd photo is The Oregon Tort & WWC Christmas Mirabilis on a huge rock ( they have to go together) - $125 ( SOLD) 3rd photo is a large colony of Mr. Pacman- $100 (SOLD) 4th photo is a large colony of Atlantis aquarium bonsai ( its on a large rock with mushrooms, and it shows signs of being stung by the mushrooms) - $40 (SOLD) 5th photo is a colony of Palmers blue Milli- $60 (PENDING Arab) (2nd in line saltyfish808) No photo- 3 frags of Mr. Pacman. $15 each ( 2 frags Pending tech4x4) Blue Matrix frag- $20 Fish that I will be selling ( I will post pics of them) Blue tang ( med to large) -$40 (Pending tech4x4) Pintail wrasse- $100 ( the top of his head for some reason has a whitish tint to it. (SOLD) Flame angel- $10 ( head has black marks on it) (PENDING tchan) 2 yellow tail damsel - $10 for the pair ORA orchid dottyback- $15 (Pending tech4x4) Chevron Tang ( large adult) - $40 ( PENDING Seasidedeb) (2nd in line saltyfish808) Purple tang that I rescued years ago that had hille, fins are messed up- Free ( PENDING Seasidedeb) Cleaners shrimp- $5 (PENDING ARAB) Flame hawk- $15 (Pending tech4x4) ORA Ocellaris Clownfish-$5 (Pending tech4x4) Barlett Anthias - $15 (Pending tech4x4)
  11. All corals are reduced by $5, except #1.
  12. I have 5 frags of the Mr Pacman acro, 1 reverse sunset monti, one blue matrix, and not pictured 1 wwc christmas mirabilis acro ($50) . All of the photos have the prices on them, numbered, and all have been healed for almost 30 days now. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks.
  13. Nope, the bag was still good as new when I got it.
  14. Lol, thanks man. Yea it can be very addicting for sure.
  15. Here is a photo of the mother colony.
  16. I have large piece of the Mr. Pacman acro that needs to be trimmed and I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in a frag. They will go for somewhere around $45-$60, just depends on size of the frag.
  17. I ordered some new salt a few weeks ago and when it was suppose to arrive it was signed by someone else not in my office. I called the company I order the salt from and they said that its not a big deal and that they will send out a new box to me. Well I got a call today from the office in the front of my office complex that I work at saying they have had the salt for a weeks now and that its their for pick up. I go and get the box from them and noticed it was opened, the box I'm referring too. In the box was the packing slip that had my address on it, so I get why they opened the box, however the bag that the salt was in was upside down. I flipped it up and it does not appear that anything has been messed with. I called the company I ordered it from and they said just to keep it. What would you do with the salt?
  18. Nice to see you getting stuff back Kirk. I just a frag of pearlberry in on Friday that I think you maybe interested in later down the road.