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  1. Grey Ghost

    XL SPS Frag Pack

  2. Grey Ghost

    XL SPS Frag Pack

    Pending .
  3. Grey Ghost

    XL SPS Frag Pack

    Nice sized pieces with a good variety of color that include Setosa, Purple Cap, WWC Slimeball. Pack price is $50 and local pickup in Hammond, LA (no shipping) .
  4. Grey Ghost

    BC Battlebox

    That Battlebox was a $400 10 piece pack with a another 5 piece frag pack that Adam listed and two freebies. .
  5. Grey Ghost

    Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    That’s a fantastic idea for the library! Y’all should look into the “pets in the classroom” grant for educators. .
  6. Grey Ghost

    Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    That little tank has become so much more than just a classroom pet for the students there. The kids are given a sense of responsibility during feedings, glass cleaning and weekly water changes. They are so committed to taking special care of the tank that they never forget to tell my wife if something looks out of place or ask questions when they find something new growing or living inside. The day they found a bristle worm was a huge day! My wife described it as if they made a ground breaking discovery of alien life living in the classroom haha .
  7. Grey Ghost

    Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    A quick update on the Madisonville Minnows tank! We transferred the nuvo back to Hammond for the summer and gave the glass a good cleaning and changed the water. The ric’s were eaten by a pesky peppermint shrimp unfortunately but the zoas are really starting to take off. I may need to find a few more varieties to add later at some point. .
  8. Grey Ghost

    BC Battlebox

    I’m sure most of you sps addicts have either ordered from Battlecorals or scrolled through the online shop and created a wish list of nice pieces. I took advantage of the Battlebox deal provided by Adam and got way more value for my money. The frags are huge, some pushing small colony size. The packaging was probably the best I have seen for an online vendor, all the frags were double bagged and heat sealed with the coral’s name written for reference. Awesome experience from beginning to end!! .
  9. Grey Ghost

    Shutting down my tank

    Location? .
  10. Grey Ghost

    Mistakes in Reefing

    In my early days the biggest mistake was not doing enough research on everything I wanted to stock the tank with. For example wrasses without a screen top, adding a mandarin to a young system without pods, not quarantining new arrivals. Nobody is a reefing master from the start but your mistakes definitely shape your success later in the hobby. .
  11. Grey Ghost

    Fragniappe Haul

    Snagged one of my top five sps pieces from North American Coral Labs. It looks greasy under the reefbrites and photo film but couldn’t resist sharing a pic of the WD! . .
  12. Grey Ghost

    JF purple tip nana

    Don’t hesitate on buying a frag guys. More than generous sized cuts with nice color and polyps out in the bags!
  13. Grey Ghost

    Pink milli frags

    Pm sent
  14. Grey Ghost

    Dosing Pump For Sale

    Bump and price drop $50
  15. Grey Ghost

    Dosing Pump For Sale