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  1. Apex Classic For Sale

  2. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

  3. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

  4. Apex Classic For Sale

    Apex Classic with many extras for sale. System includes: display, eb8, temp probe, 3 ph probes (one new), fire tablet, and wifi extender. $450 located in Hammond.
  5. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

    Bump and price drop $65
  6. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

    Chad if you still have my cell number text me tomorrow. Or send me a pm
  7. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

    Local pickup in Hammond
  8. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

    Bump and price drop $70
  9. Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    Updated pics! The tank is looking awesome despite the few aiptasia popping up here and there.
  10. Ecotech Reeflink For Sale

    Ecotech Reeflink for sale $75
  11. Crossflow CP-40 For Sale

  12. Giesemann T5's For Sale

  13. Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    Long overdue update! The classroom tank is a little over a month old and the first case of nuisance red slime started on the sand bed last week. After some initial water tests we determined the tank had elevated nutrients. This led to a proactive approach of lower feeding intervals and an adjustment in the lighting period. A few new additions from Jeremy @ Coral Cove made there way into the tank that added some nice color and variety to the system. Lastly, my wife was surprised by a student with a gift that she was really impressed with. This ocean drawing was done by a second grade student in her class that loves marine life and coral reefs. I'm fairly certain she may have a future marine biologist as a student!