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  1. If you're located near Baton Rouge or Nola, I would like to purchase the extra apex ph probe.
  2. Reactor & T5 sold!
  3. Price drop and bump
  4. I wonder if the salt might be the culprit here or a refractometer calibration issue. Are you using the same salt as usual? Fritz had bad batches, Salinity had contaminates, Red Sea had inconsistent parameters (very high alk levels) this is definitely a head scratcher for sure.
  5. Joe, Aquatic Sealife sells this laboratory grade test. Maybe this can give you an idea of what's going on.
  6. Price drop
  7. I have a few bright red's already
  8. I'm on the search for more additions to my ric/yuma garden. Let me know what you have available.
  9. Awesome! I may have found another one!!
  10. I'm looking for some info on Rock nem reproduction. While inspecting my rock work from above I noticed a small anemone in between a crevice. Do these types of nems create small clones or do they split like bubble tips? Pic of larger version that I believe reproduced.
  11. Laguna UV Sterilizer with Feed pump $100 KNOP Calcium Reactor with Regulator $80 48" T-5 Dual Bulb Fixture with led Moon Lights $80 All items are local pickup in Hammond
  12. Sold
  13. Joe do you have probe holders or power heads that have magnetic backing? I've personally had an older apex probe holder crack and rust and the magnetic veggie clip from Julian Sprung's products split and rust after only 3 months use.
  14. Pending
  15. Mods please lock this thread