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  1. Shutting down my tank

    Location? .
  2. Mistakes in Reefing

    In my early days the biggest mistake was not doing enough research on everything I wanted to stock the tank with. For example wrasses without a screen top, adding a mandarin to a young system without pods, not quarantining new arrivals. Nobody is a reefing master from the start but your mistakes definitely shape your success later in the hobby. .
  3. Fragniappe Haul

    Snagged one of my top five sps pieces from North American Coral Labs. It looks greasy under the reefbrites and photo film but couldn’t resist sharing a pic of the WD! . .
  4. JF purple tip nana

    Don’t hesitate on buying a frag guys. More than generous sized cuts with nice color and polyps out in the bags!
  5. Pink milli frags

    Pm sent
  6. Dosing Pump For Sale

    Bump and price drop $50
  7. Dosing Pump For Sale

  8. Reactors For Sale

    Gone lock this please
  9. Pink milli frags

    Pm sent
  10. Pink milli frags

    Where are you located?
  11. Man this 3 weeks have been horrible

    Have you checked the tds of your source water recently? Exhausted rodi carbon blocks can allow chloramines to pass through un filtered and contaminate water changes.
  12. Reactors For Sale

    Price drop to $40 and sale bump
  13. Dosing Pump For Sale

    Sale Bump
  14. Dosing Pump For Sale

    Pm replied
  15. Reactors For Sale

    Bulk Reef Reactor with metal mount for sale. (Includes media canisters) $25 SOLD Bulk Reef Reactor with plastic mount for sale. (Includes media canisters and quick release fittings) $45 Local pickup in Hammond