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  1. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    Just wait until the apex alk monitor comes out and we are golden! I use these cameras. They are cheap and work. The instructions suck so use videos on youtube to set up. I have 3 of them. 2 for the tank and one in the sump. Thanks Kirk! Can't wait to see your new setup. Have you ordered anything yet?
  2. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    No. I can see him in his cave though. What drives me crazy is there is only him and the Mandarin. I have no aggression in the tank. I even took out the cleaner shrimp. Is your assessor from ORA? I have my neighbor coming over every two days to feed frozen and check alk. I am predicting alk will drop as pH rises from a empty house. Got to love being able to control everything using the apex.
  3. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    I am nervous. I am going on vacation tomorrow for 10 days.
  4. MOBILECALs Upgrade: PA 120

    Tank is looking great. Very nice selection of everything. Do you use an autofeeder?
  5. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    Thanks. When I saw the bubblegum digi, I was like I found my centerpiece. I got you first in line for a frag. Thanks! The colors are better than the online pics. A big shout out to legendary corals, reefgardeners and divers den for great healthy pieces.
  6. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    The wife and kids were gone all weekend so it was tank all weekend. Since I will not be making MACNA, this was my chance to fill up the tank. I got coral shipments in from Legendary Corals (2 favias and 1 meteor shower), Reefgardeners (digi and fruity pebbles monti) and Diners Den (yellow milli (green under blue light). I also got a gold assessor but have not seen him since putting him in the tank on Saturday. I think these will be close to the last of the corals I will be adding. It is now grow out time.
  7. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    You have some nice colonies!
  8. POTM submission July 2017 (Polyp Corals)

    I am sure we have all dated one of these.
  9. There are 4 companies stating they will have a automatic Alk monitor coming out soon. 1) Kh Guardian (anyday now) 2) Apex (Welsh model), 3) FocusTronic (Jones Model) and 4) Pacific Sun. With this many choices, we should get a good products at a good price.
  10. Upgrade Alert..Bobby's(Saldarya) Old Tank

    Thanks. Has anyone placed frags in a thermos and put them in checked luggage?
  11. Upgrade Alert..Bobby's(Saldarya) Old Tank

    I am going to Orlando in August. How did you bring the corals back?
  12. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    Tank looks kicka$$. Hard to believe that was a flood tank.
  13. 30 gallon oceanic cube reef

    I plumbed together two 5g buckets and put them in a bench. Bench also works great for tank watching.