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  1. Tank looks kicka$$. Hard to believe that was a flood tank.
  2. I plumbed together two 5g buckets and put them in a bench. Bench also works great for tank watching.
  3. The tank and tank room looks amazing. What is your favorite fish?
  4. Thanks. I am really enjoying the tank. Do most people enjoy their second reef tank the most? I test 4+ times a week so my parameters are somewhat stable. I found out early that is the only way with a small tank. Also, if you are going to be moving corals you have to do it right before a water change. Otherwise chemical warfare can really do some damage. The tank has a lot of flow that turns on and off throughout the day. Some corals really like my tank while others I am currently finding new homes for. My parameters are Alk 8.5, Ca 380, Mg 1240, No3 8, P 0.0-0.3. If I can avoid pests, long power outages and moves, I think I have a chance for a nice tank.
  5. Took this top down shot tonight and liked the colors.
  6. Have you sent your water off to get tested?
  7. Thanks! A/C went out Friday and the whole thing got replaced on Monday. A chiller I had in the garage saved me big time.
  8. Tank is coming along well. I am really liking the smaller tank. Here are some pics I just took of some recent tank additions.
  9. When all else is ruled out, bacterial infection becomes more likely. The idea that bad bacteria can cause coral bleaching is starting to pick up support. Try cutting a piece with just a little STN and dip in furan-2 or another broadband antibiotic and see if it recovers. Here is an article on bacteria and bleaching
  10. Currently I am dosing 34-36 ml/day spread out evenly over 24 hrs. This has really helped keep the system stable. However, the 2 ml difference really matters in just a small water volume. The problem is pH will range from 7.8ish to 8.15ish and as the daily average shifts over weeks from say 8.08 to 8.02. I would like dosing to slowly decrease as well. As far as I can tell, Apex quantifies the daily average but there isn't a way to program based on that variable. I have posted the same question on apex's forum.
  11. On my 30g tank I run a co2 scrubber due to low pH and test alk/cal every other day. I am finding when my co2 media is new, pH goes up on average and my alk drops. What I want is to slightly modify my alk dosing amount based on the daily pH average. Does anyone know how to program to this?
  12. Just a thought but what about an infection? Do you have a UV sterilizer? I read awhile ago on a thread about someone stopping unexplained acro loss by putting uv sterilizers in both his tank and the large container he kept his ready saltwater.
  13. Do you rinse with fresh water after or anything?
  14. I do all of my water changes via the sump and was wanting to also vacuum out the sump during the water change. I was thinking a wet dry vac would work but then thought about rusting. Does anyone use one for water changes?
  15. I started to wonder why corals have so many different color variations. They don't have to attract a mate so what is the evolutionary advantage? I found this article which is a good quick read.