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  1. Thanks. I see them as beautiful ticking time bombs that will force me to dismantle the aquascape that I really like.
  2. I took out my fire and peppermint shrimp because they kept stealing food even after I feed them first. Took me probably 3 weeks to catch them. I used the inverted bottle trap and starved the tank.
  3. My tank is a mess right now but it sure is colorful. I am going to start shipping rock flower anemones soon. Who Dat. Here is to a great season.
  4. I posted this video on the national forums trying to sell them. Figured I would post as an update here on how the rock flower anemones are doing.
  5. Ya. I think it is pretty cool. My wife isn't to keen on me setting up another tank to hold them.
  6. The baby rock anemones in the tank are starting to show color. I still have around ~200 babies with three dominate color types (green, orange, and yellow with orange center). The larger ones are getting to be about the size of a dime. My plan is to wait until they get about the size of a quarter and then setup a frag tank and start taking them out.
  7. Your tanks look great! The colors are awesome and I am always amazed at how clean everything is. My sump is a total mess. Have you thought about aiptasia eating nubis from saltyunderground? Release and forget. When I feel my son is spending to much time on his game system, I take the power cord out the back and hide it somewhere that he will only find when doing chores. Of course he is only 7. Your son would probably just get a new cord from somewhere.
  8. I just saw a sweet pic of your tank on Kirk's thread. How about an update?
  9. Congrats on getting back to this point! Pictures look good. Lets see a FTS.
  10. That may work for a few but there are way to many. Below is a pic I just took. They are still very small. These patches are all over my rock. The picture has 4 babies in it (arrows) and a Collonista snail is in the upper left for size reference. If most survive I need to figure out a quick way to get them out. My initial thought is to wait until they get bigger then take the rock out and try and get their feet to detach with cold, something like plastic ice cubes.
  11. So I was wrong about the number of flower anemone babies that made it. They are everywhere, easily 50+. I think my only option is to wait a few months until they are the size of a quarter and then start removing. My aquascape is basically a left and right piece so it shouldn't be to bad.
  12. I think filtering the outside air is smart. The mosquito trucks are just one example of something you have to worry about
  13. How is the tank coming along? What are you doing for your cleanup crew?
  14. Congrats on getting fish in the tank! I have a C02 scrubber and it works great on my small 40g. I suggest getting the rocks off the sand more to help with dead spots.
  15. Thanks! To my surprise I have found between 10-20 baby flower anemones stuck on my rock. It will be interested to see how many survive. As for the nubi's I am going with the manage approach. I got a six line this weekend and I have been sucking them out with a pipette at night and in the morning. Hopefully if I stay diligent I will be able to contain without much loss. I have 2 large monti colonies (sunrise and sunset) that I can't rip out without tearing up my whole aquascape. Well see how it turns out.