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  1. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    You must have gave your kids a nice chunk of change for a mother's day present. Glad you got it fixed without cutting the PVC.
  2. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Going to be a great built. Since you are going apex, I recommend going apex the whole way with dosing pumps, top off, sensors, etc.
  3. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    I went through my first tank move last month. I closed on a home on 2/22 and started moving the following weekend. I took off from work on Monday just to move the tank. I had no help so it was a busy day. I mixed 30 gallons of saltwater and rinsed new sand the night before. Around 9 am I started by individually bagging all the corals I could and placing them in an ice chest. Because the rockscape was mortared together, I ended up breaking the rock into 4 pieces so I could fit it into a trashcan. After draining, I scooped out and discarded all the sand while catching all remaining snails, shrimp, fish, etc. I loaded up the tank in the cab of a truck and put the stand in the back with the trash can full of rock. I was glad I was able to pick up the tank and stand myself since I had no help. I was only moving 2 minutes away so the drive was quick. I set the tank back up with new sand then started adding the rock back. I didn't worry about how the rock structure looked or coral placement, I just wanted all the corals back in the tank under stable temps and salinity. After I got it all set back up using 1 powerhead, a heater, and return pump, I went back to the old home and picked up all the remaining equipment then called it a day with a six pack around 4 pm. The following evening I hung the light but took my time over the next week or more setting the equipment back up. After getting the equipment right, I then transitioned to fixing the rockscape and gluing corals back a little at a time. I finally finished this past weekend. The rockscape ended up looking basically the same as before. I have been getting slime algae, which is probably from losing the mature sandbed.
  4. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    I have a 30g mixed reef. I have a mandarin and yellow assessor for my fish. My cleanup crew is 2 conches, 2 pederson shrimp, 1 serpent star, 1 turbo snail and many mini brittle starfish. This has been working great for me.
  5. Pickin up the pieces(300 build)

    In a situation like that just do it and ask for forgiveness. You need a fishroom.
  6. Pickin up the pieces(300 build)

    Tank looks great. Did you get a fishroom with the new house?
  7. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    Thanks. I think I have a chance to keep the sun coral long term since I feed frozen daily.
  8. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    Thanks for the info. I am considering switching to a kalk stirrer but probably will not anytime soon since 2-part is cheap for smaller tanks.
  9. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    Changed my radion lenses to wide angle. Tank is going great except for my bubblegum monti, which has been slowly losing color. I have also been fighting hydroids with scrubbing. It will be a never ending battle but for some reason I currently don't mind. I feed my corals daily so I decided to try a sun coral. Well see how long that lasts.
  10. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Beautiful tank. Just hearsay but I read the polyfilter sucks at taking out metals while the TLF metasorb works. I have never used either but have a pad of metasorb just in case.
  11. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    Nice work on the algae reactor. How long have you had the kalk stirrer? Do you like it?
  12. Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon Drilled w/ Sump

    Nice work. I will have an external overflow in my next tank.
  13. Good luck. It reads like you are having fun even with the extra work. My novice advice is even with the rock circulating in the system for a couple of months, I would still replace the display rock slowly. Why not replace a little at a time over a few months.
  14. IM Nuvo 40 build

    Good start. I suggest a led/T5 hybrid light.
  15. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Nice video. Tank is colorful and clean. You plan on putting anything in the front sandbed.