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  1. Still got these bro? Sent from my SM-G935U using Tapatalk
  2. Do you still have this Sent from my SM-G935U using Tapatalk
  3. Bump!! It has to go!! I'll do 200$ and some coral!!
  4. Thanks brotha!! It was good meeting you too Scott!!! Amazing looking tanks!!! I'll keep the forum post on how it does
  5. Bump!!! Really need it gone!!! Will do cash coral
  6. I am moving and don't have room for the biocube!! I need it gone ASAP!! Asking 350$ OBO!! It's a rimless biocube!! Comes with skimmer, stand, and lights!!
  7. Awesome my church is looking for a tank for there nursery that plug and play lol. I told them it would be better to buy one set up the piece together
  8. You still have that tank for sale
  9. A.korbe

    120 Full Set-Up

    My church is looking for a saltwater tank for their nursery.
  10. A.korbe

    120 Full Set-Up

    Do you still have all of this?!
  11. Do to family issues I need to let my 90g go. I don't want to get out of saltwater all together so I am look to trade. Looking for a 29g biocube with a stand. Or asking 500$ OBO. The tank will have: tank, stand, canopy, mp40 (that has a new quiet driver), 20g sump, skimmer. Please call or text 601 788 78 two six for pics. I live in Hattiesburg.
  12. A.korbe


    I have a 46" MH/T5 for sale. 2x MH are 250 wat 4x T5 54 wat. Nothing wrong just built my own LED fixture. Also has moon light. Asking 175$ OBO.
  13. Thanks!!! Praying I can get the arduino hooked up tonight so I can adjust my light so my coral isn't as stressed out