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  1. Thank you! It's a marineland the dimensions are 18"x30"x20". I love the tank too because you don't see many tall tanks but my only issue with it is that it wasn't predrilled for an overflow and the bottom is tempered so I have to use a HOB overflow.
  2. thank you. I can't take credit it for it though that's my fiancée' handy work.
  3. Thanks! Yes it is. I had to go back and make sure that all the rocks and corals were secured because I have an electric blue hermit that grew pretty big that likes to go around and knock rocks and frags off.
  4. Hello everyone my name is Chris! I set up my 55 gallon last November and I've been addicted to it since and already can't wait to upgrade! I have a lot to learn before then though. At the moment I am working on setting up a refugium. The best way I have found for me to learn is by asking questions so thank y'all in advance for all y'all's help!