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  1. looking to pay to have someone take par readings on my tank. par map the lights at different settings. willing to pay up to 50 bucks. no i dont have an apex controller no i will not buy an apex controller yes i know brs rents them. this is an opportunity for someone to recoup money spent on the meter and save me a hassle of a deposit. located in baton rouge.
  2. Solid wood and glass coral connection tank. Chiller, return pump, 2 400 watt mh ballast sump, protein skimmer, new bulkhead and plumbing. Sump., 2 55 gallon drums for water changes. Tons more. Don't have time for it so it takes up space. No leaks. All you need is circulation pump and 2 bulbs an it's ready to go. Asking 600 dollars please don't ask about parting out.
  3. this is a tank that i am mid setup on. i haven't decided yet if im going to sell it or downgrade swap it. Make a fair offer for it if your interested
  4. As the post says i think i may have bitten off more then i can chew on this. Plus wife says its to big for our house so throwing it up to see if anyone wants to swap. here is the link to the photos and the equipment. I still have 2 400 mh ballast and fixtures for it. and if its a turn key setup ill throw in a chiller.
  5. are these still available and do the lights have dial dimmers or digital controller? pics?
  6. To run the mars aquas you'll need a signal converter board as these lights are 0-10v, apparently some are analog and some PWM but the converter can do both types. The controller LED channels put out 0-5v PWM signal. You'll have to open the lights and add the converter internally then run the signal wire from the controller to the light. Here's a link with a little info that might help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6UOEl91ECY&feature=youtu.be this talks about the pvm issue https://www.robo-tank.ca/forum/Thread-China-Black-Box-Light
  7. where the price jumps is in the probes. however the ski is the limit for this thing. With it I have the wire diagrams for the mars aqua and then can make the software run it just like the ecotech. the only thing I need to check is the control voltage for dimming. I know the apex controller doesn't provide enough voltage so running 2 or more mars light will cause flickering. Going to be a fun project to do with my kid. Im going to put a noise meter on that pump tonight and get a db reading.
  8. So I think im going to go Rogue on this build and do something unique. I found this company called ROBO Tank that has dyi controllers that I fell in love with I think im going to try it out. Everyone has apex and such I like the fact of having a unique one. My Dad gave my son a raspberry pie computer for his birthday and it is ridiculous what can be done with that in the form of reef controllers. Im also going to hook up 3 Mars aqua lights to the controller for complete dimming control. here is the link to the robo tank controllers for those who like to tinker https://www.robo-tank.ca/index.php
  9. mikediamo


    ok read all over the net for a 180 gallon tank measuring 60x24x24 i need 3 to 4 radions. Goto Ecotech website and phonecall they said 2 will do fine. The tech said its a personel preference to go with more then 2. i have a glass center brace that takes up almost 1/5 of the top in the middle so 2 or 3 lights is the question. i want to run a general reef and dont want limit my options. i love sun corals, flower pots zoas anemonies clams, and have crazy growth in 35 hex with a reefbreader light of aussie acans they just are bleached.. The light delima is driving me crazy. especially when i have a chiller and 2 400 watt mh fixtures and i can get a bulb at 1000 bulbs for it for less then 20 bucks.
  10. aim a power head at one that gets them to move would love to get 1 or 2 from you in 2 weeks or in the future when i get my 180 up and running only have a 35 hex right now
  11. so this tank came with 2 coralvue i think 400 watt mh ballast no reflector or bulbs and an icap 660 with 3 caps and 3 uv international super acetenic fr59t12 140 watt bulbs and 1 acentenic white also a 140 watt. was all this run for reefing or one or the other. Next year i hope to pick up some led s but untill then why not use what i got. I have a friend that has 2 mogal reflectors so i can also run mh lights any advice?
  12. ok guess ill have to bring a sound level meter to stores and take readings on them. Benefit of being an industrial hygenist
  13. not offensive at all ive run a 35 gallon hex with a fluval for 15 years so its an upgrade i have a post in the build section that shows what i have so far