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  1. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Thank you, now if it just fill out I’d be super happy [emoji2] .
  2. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Thanks I’ll look into this also. Never heard of it... I hear it was used many years ago but has fallen off for some sort of reason. Hear good things about it tho. .
  3. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Sweet I’ll have to check those out. He may not be able to get them as soon as I would like to. Gonna run the carbon and wc’s for another week or two along with either the cuprisorb or poly filter then send another sample in to see if it’s actually being removed. .
  4. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Thanks, I wish I see whatever one else sees hahah .
  5. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    I have not, idk what a poly pad is never heArd of them. .
  6. MarineLab ICP-OES Test

    I guess not, tbh I didn’t even pay attention to NO3 .
  7. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    TBH it’s a pretty good citizen. Haven’t seen it bullying or cause stress to other fish. Only thing I’ve noticed is she loves sponges. The emperor is probably the most aggressive. She grunts a lot .
  8. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Quick video just now .
  9. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Tank update! My tank has been for the most part on cruise control. Maybe it through Hurricane Nate and 6 hours of no power without casualties. Until the wife started moving things...... She didn't properly place the screen back on top the tank right my yellow flanked wrasse jumped out behind the tank. I was busy with work (out of town) didn't see the text for her. She couldn't figure out how to get it from behind the tank.....smh. Two more casualties due to wife not plugging the energy bar (surge protector) into the proper outlet on the EB8.....Lights out for almost 4 days on the left side of my tank. ORA blue voodoo and a small sweet colony of red rimmed neon green blastos bit the dust. I started a claim with Ecotech while I was out of town. Got to the point of needing some trouble shooting, which I couldn't do while out of town. Get home noticed a few other components weren't on started looking for its power then bam everything that was plugged into that surge protector wasn't running..... Apex PMUP pumps suck they aren't reliable. Some how my ATO pmup over heated and swelled up causing it to stop....only had this pump maybe three months. Bought a replacement and doing a warranty claim with Neptunes...Neptunes customer support is no where what it use to be...One would think that due to extreme pricing of Apex and its products that Neptunes would have more than just a few technicians for support. I'm starting to lean on the side of caution when purchasing new Neptunes products. Doesn't seem they are putting in the quality assurance work to ensure their products are bullet proof before releasing. Finally got my water sample tests back, water looks great other than large amounts of aluminum. Only thing that came to mind with aluminum in my tank was Phosbond. Have since removed done a few water changes, running dual carbon reactors and going to pick up some cuprisorb next week to help remove the metal...Will get some pics up soon hopefully.
  10. ouch that sucks Kirk, sorry. Any updates things looking better or worse? Don't give up! You're not a quitter!
  11. MarineLab ICP-OES Test

    Here’s my results. High aluminum in my water column. I assume it came from using Seachem Phosbond. Have stopped using it now. Running dual carbon reactors and a bunch of water changes. Over last week and this week. Going to pick up so Cuprisorb to help remove the aluminum. Hope this is/was the cause of my high aluminum. Since the company took so long to send results. They offered me a free testing, once I work on removing this aluminum I’m going to send in water again for more testing. Overall I've very pleased with my results, most levels are within natural seawater. This high aluminum may be the cause of my SPS and gorgonians not polyping out. .
  12. Ecotech Gen 3 pro Radions x 4 @ $425 ea.

    All sold please close .
  13. 120 build thread.

    looks good, got excited thought you were doing a red bare bottom. I thought to myself this will be something new.
  14. MarineLab ICP-OES Test

    Lol will do! .
  15. Diy chaeto reactor

    Looks good, another idea popped in my head after seeing your photo. You could use a black 5g bucket to help with light wash. Maybe cut a lid so that it slips over the top. .