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  1. Tick tick! looks good from the drafting lets see what the real deal looks like.... Whats the eta of tank arrival?
  2. I wish mine were anywhere close to those numbers. I got up to 8.0 yesterday with windows open all day. Normally 7.6-7.85 daily ph. I have growth but feel like could be much better if I had higher numbers. I’ve used scrubbers before on the 300, it exhausted very quick tho a couple days at max. I will give it another shoot on this 90 maybe smaller skimmer will Not exhaust the media as quick. Maybe even run only during the night. .
  3. My carx is sitting in the garage. Wish I could use it. So easy to use, don’t have to worry about dosing and pure stability. But, I don’t have good gas exchange in my home and the carx lowers my ph too much. .
  4. Need to come my way Jenson, have tons of acros. Trying this theory, vendors claim cutting induces growth. .
  5. I use same sand, don’t dose kalk. Have no clumps. Honestly like this sand the best of the past ones I’ve had. .
  6. is it filled yet with water, sand and rock?
  7. damn Jenson that sucks....I feel your pain I hate how one little thing can cause significant problems in this hobby. BUT like the rest of us, you'll continue to try lol.
  8. Sweet tank Kirk! I miss my 300 Planet tank, I’m sure you’ll love it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. .
  9. Just get a cartridge filter canister and two fittings from home depot to run some carbon in.
  10. The biological side on my tank shouldn’t have change. I used same rock only difference from this small tank and the 300 is no sand in the small tank. I’m perplexed. Only thing I can think of is quick swings in nutrients compared to the 300. I’ve chased pretty much every lead I can..going to get a slightly bigger tank to see if this helps. .
  11. Sweet sticks! Tank looks great. Hope you have better luck than I’m having with this small tank. .