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  1. I have a 135 gallon tank, stand, canopy, sump, & skimmer I am looking to get rid of. Looking to trade it for some coral. Nothing in particular. Just a mixed bag. Let me know what you got to offer. If you have question about the tank let me know.
  2. I am over 500 on calcium with the Red Sea kit. I change water once a week.
  3. Have been checking my calcium and mag levels ever since I set up my tank. I dose nothing and every time I check my calcium and mag levels they are off the chart. Using Red Sea test kit. Using Red Sea coral pro salt. Alk runs constant at 9-10 dkh. Every time I run a test I run out of reagent. Don’t have a huge amount of coral but I would think they would consume some?? Is it this salt? I am all about not having to dose anything but are those high level bad??
  4. Gome

    ISO SPS frags

    Sounds great. I will definitely reach out if I get up that way. I appreciate it.
  5. Gome

    ISO SPS frags

    I did see your birds nest and monti that you have up for sale and would love it but Slidell is a little too far for me.
  6. Gome

    ISO SPS frags

    Looking for a few sps frags. Just starting to populate my tank. Looking for some sticks. Let me know if you have some. thanks
  7. Gome

    Green bird'snest

    Were you located?
  8. Gome


    Anyone with a RBT in the Prairieville area? Let me know. thanks
  9. Gome

    Looking to trade

    Build thread is here.
  10. Gome

    Looking to trade

    Ok, will trade for some corals. Let me know what you got.
  11. Gome

    Looking to trade

    So I am sure you have seen this tank on here. I was able to get this from a friend of mine. After getting it home I just couldn’t make it fit in the location I need it to go. Tank is in great shape just too big for where I need to put it. Let me know if someone is wanting to upsize. We could do a trade. Includes the tank, stand, hood and sump.
  12. I have a RBTA i would like to sell or trade for coral. Got him in a container in tank so he will not reattach to my rock. $60