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  1. Check out the website for more details: ReefCurrents.org Check out the raffle page for the items: http://reefcurrents.org/raffle.html Here's just the tanks:
  2. Reef Currents Saturday May 4, 2019 9:30 to 3:30 Sheraton North Houston (IAH) 15700 JFK Blvd Houston, TX 77032 See the link for vendor, speaker, raffle, schedule, & ticket info. We have vendors from across the country, including WWC who haven't been to Texas since 2014. Speaker presentations are FREE this year including a Q & A session Bob Fenner, (WWM), Jason Fox (Q&A only), Andrew Jaroszewski (CRF), & Lou Schiavo (RAP & WWC) Extension raffle that includes 10 aquariums, set-ups, and high-end equipment! *Wet Web Media, Jason Fox Signature Corals Coral Restoration Foundation, Reef-A-Palooza World Wide Corals
  3. We're blowing it up this year! More vendors from across the country More raffle: Over 10k in prizes Great speaker line-up: Mark Callahan, John Ciotti, Bill Wann Free Swag! Check out the links in the first post
  4. Full Access Passes at $25 ends TODAY! At the door, these passes are $45 and just the vendor hall is $18. Buy Now to enter for the most chances at a free ICP water test. We'll have 5 drawings starting next week. Your best chances are to Buy Now before the raffle fills up. You'll also be one of those qualified to win 100 raffle tickets by being one of the first 100 people to buy a Full Access Pass. Purchase on the registration page or at FJW, Oceanlife Aquariums, or That Aquarium Place while supplies there last. Of course, you're going to Reef Currents for the once-a-year chance to snag a deal and win from the hugh raffle. For $25, catch a fun reef talk to make your reefing easier and your tank more amazing. Raffle Page 6 tanks including the $3,200 set-up - more coming. Speakers - Bill Wann, John Ciotti, & another TBA Vendors Registration Page Saturday April 21, 2018 will be a great day to browse, win, and learn more about your hobby. The 5th annual Reef Currents will be the best one yet!
  5. Reef Currents: ~3k Grand Prize Set-up! Have you been checking out the ReefCurrents.org page? Showcase Planet Aquarium 60 gallon cube w/ black stand, includes: ◦ 24" cube w/ black stand - $700 ◦ Trigger Systems Ruby cube 20 sump - $345 ◦ Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer - $400 ◦ Radion XR15w G4 Pro w/RMS mount kit - $489 ◦ Syncra Silent 4.0 Pump - $175 ◦ Apex classic controller w/ pH probe - $550 ◦ Ecotech VorTech MP10QD - $235 Another raffle page announcement coming soon! Keep checking the ReefCurrents.org website for the latest updates and sign-up for the newsletter to keep up to date. Don’t regret missing this one!
  6. Have you been checking out the ReefCurrents.org page? Especially the raffle page (big announcement coming soon).Choose from 9 tanks. Several worth thousands: --- 1. Showcase Planet Aquarium 60 gallon, 24" cube w/ high-end LED, skimmer, sump, etc. (Details soon.) --- 2. Marineland 220 Reef Ready with stand & canopy --- 3. Red Sea 350 series (73 display, 91 gallon total) --- 4. Planet Aquarium tank (44g) --- 5. Red Sea NanoMax (20g) --- 6. Innovative Marine (20g) --- 7. JBL 10g with filter & LED light--- 8. JBL 8g with filter & LED light--- 9. JBL 6gL with filter & LED lightKeep checking the ReefCurrents.org website for the latest updates and sign-up for the newsletter to keep up to date.
  7. See the ReefCurrents.org website for more details. Don't miss this one! See the ReefCurrents.org website for more details. Don't miss this one!
  8. Today is the last day for Early-Bird Full Pass tickets! Get full access to the speakers and vendors for $25. See HERE. After 11:30 pm, they go up. This is about half the door cost!Vendor Hall Only passes are $15, but consider catching a speaker or three to find out what the excitement is. Speakers info HERE.SEE YOU AT REEF CURRENTS 2017!See this link for all the show details: ReefCurrents.org
  9. Don't want to miss out on important Reef Currents updates - the big day that's once a year?Click the below link and sign-up for bi-weekly updates until the show. And of course, chances to win free stuff! http://reefcurrents.org/newsletter.html
  10. Greg, Look forward to meeting and speaking to you. I'll PM you my cell.
  11. Check out ReefCurrents.org for all the details, especially the extensive raffle! Early-Bird sale expiring on Feb 27 at 11:30 pm
  12. Jason Fox will be at Reef Currents! Ever heard of Jason Fox? Steve Tyree? They are both coming and selling a stash of their world famous corals, named after them! Scroll through our vendor list. What's even better? For the first time ever, anywhere, Jason Fox will talk about his collecting experiences. How many SPS secrets will he divulge? Come and find out! Apex, 6 tanks, & more ------------ National, state, local ------------ $25 limited time ------ RAFFLE --------------------------- VENDORS -------------------- TICKETS
  13. The Marine Aquarium & Reef Society Houston (MARSH) is again organizing Reef Currents Sat April 1, 2017 at the Sheraton North Houston (IAH). We've booked the entire Grand and Steven F. Austin ballrooms with one whole section of the ballroom reserved just for raffle items! We'll again be inviting 3 national renowned speakers and featuring a raffle with several big ticket items, and other items totaling several thousands.See the website for info on previous years and updates. Upcoming info on speakers, vendors, raffle items, room and ticket discounts are upcoming!ReefCurrents.org