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  1. LSUHSCmgr

    He agreed in $100 bill with a frag of bam bam and garf for my kessil A150W I held it for him bc he said he deff wants it and so we agreed and then he had work I said it’s cool just lmk when you get off and hasn’t heard from him since when I had another person lined up for it I didn’t wanna do LSU like that and sell from under him .
  2. LSUHSCmgr

    Was selling a kessil A150W...we both agreed on the price and a trade for the light fixture had to work bc he was on call so I let him work it out txt him about if we was still good to trade and hasn’t heard from him since txt a few times to see if he was interested no response bad experience with him .
  3. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    Mannnnn I’m tempted but I won’t have a spot!! [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] all I will need is 2 lights and bam filler er up .
  4. Three months in

    Currents it self don’t give that much par itself just the quality and tbh you wouldn’t know unless you had a par meter to measure .
  5. Three months in

    50g looks big to me lol my tanks a 50 36x18x20/21 one of them two lol .
  6. Three months in

    Tbh currents are eh lights specially if you want to get into corals which will require more par or so but the currents are good for soft corals and stuff, but for SPS and some LPS it won’t be good .
  7. Three months in

    Takeee your time on things lol bc you can spend a lot of money on killing stuff lol...what lights are you using? .
  8. Kessil A150

    Sold lock it up please .
  9. Kessil A150

    I have a kessil A150 I purchased from a local Reefer selling it for the same price I got it for gooseneck plus my timer I got for it $150 Reason selling I got a new light for the frag tank so selling this .
  10. January 2018 POTM submission (Full tank shots)

    Before and after shots Top before Bottom after .
  11. Stuff for sale...

    Dude that trigger sump still have it and if so can you send me some pictures .
  12. Wwc Bounce mushroom

    I’ll take this if you still have it ! .
  13. Green branching hammer for sale

    I’m interested in 4 heads but let me ask you where you located ? .
  14. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)