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  1. It looks like a DSA 105g tank just like mines lol
  2. Where ya located? My cousin need one .
  3. Mp10 are they the QD? .
  4. Traded you can lock please .
  5. No sir no issues I can make a video of them in freshwater running for you if your interested 334-663-8755 is my cell .
  6. Yes sir it is still Available .
  7. Cousin bought it for his tank but it’s way to big and bulky soo I’m selling them for him $175 a piece or $300 for both....its manufactured date is March 20 2011 he bought a wet and dry side .
  8. Ty for the torch and the hammers!!!! .
  9. I should have some in bout a week or two if you haven’t found any by then I’m located in nola .
  10. Dang not what I’m looking for good luck .
  11. Selling 6p krak gods plus a good bit of baby bumps already on it $300 located in nola but willing to travel to surrounding areas .
  12. Soldddd lock it up admins .