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  1. LF chaeto and pods

    Anyone have some free chaeto with a good colony of pods growin in it? I just upgraded to a trigger sump from a Rubbermaid tub sooo now I need chaeto for the fuge lol .
  2. Mega zoanthid sale.

    reefmd always has something just PM like patncori said .
  3. high end mushrooms

    Who have you tried if your in Facebook message Ben arowitz and tell him I sent you his very a great guy and has AMAZING SHROOM collection and his always good with his shipping method .
  4. Overrun with RBTA

    Play with the foot of the nem like keep touching and rubbing it and it will get irritated and detached will take 15-30 mins lol but keep rubbing it and it'll come off your rock but I'll be happy to take a nem for $20 if it's close to nola .
  5. September POTM Submission Thread (Squishy things)

    Golden torch .
  6. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    Will anyone have any rainbow BTA? .
  7. Radion xr30 g4 pro 700 obo

    Ahh gotcha let me know what the date on the manufActor .
  8. Radion xr30 g4 pro 700 obo

    Whats the manufacturer date .
  9. Tri-Color Rose Anemones

    Coming to Nola anytime soon I'll take 3 of them .
  10. Gotcha so it's a 3155 universals tunze the 517 is the controller .
  11. Thanks but which model the nano or regular 3155? .
  12. Wwc Bounce mushroom

    How big is it when ya fully inflated ? .
  13. Mega zoanthid sale.

    Mannn I'd love some utters,AV,and pink hallucinations but tanks not done cycling yet lol .
  14. The tunze ATO which model? .
  15. Trigger ruby 36 sump

    How far are you from Nola ? .