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  1. Large red baron bubble tip nem for sale

    Just lmk I’m always at my shop bro 10a-9pm .
  2. Large red baron bubble tip nem for sale

    I’ll take it Lars coming to nola anytime soon? .
  3. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    It’s 48x24x18 if I’m not mistaken on his build tread .
  4. Flameback angel

    Bump .
  5. Flameback angel

  6. Flameback angel

    I have a African flameback angel great fish doesn’t pick at coral does eat pellets and frozen only reason I’m getting rid of him is bc he’s aggressive and almost killed my clownfish I’m located in nola but can meet in WB and Metairie area $60 .
  7. Frag system

    Damn I was hoping it was a 36” .
  8. Frag system

    What size the 8bulb T5? $50 for the whole light ? If so let me know please 334-663-8755 .
  9. Wanting to downgrade from 180 to a 90-120

    Have pictures? I have someone interested in a 180 please txt me with some pictures 334-663-8755 .
  10. March 2018 POTM Submission Thread (Inverts)

    Does this count? Lmao I couldn’t pick one soo it’s 3 in one Poletti jawbreaker Krak Gods Elite Reef CSB .
  11. February 2018 POTM Submission Thread (Zoas/Palys)

    Damn I missed this thread :/ .
  12. LSUHSCmgr

    He agreed in $100 bill with a frag of bam bam and garf for my kessil A150W I held it for him bc he said he deff wants it and so we agreed and then he had work I said it’s cool just lmk when you get off and hasn’t heard from him since when I had another person lined up for it I didn’t wanna do LSU like that and sell from under him .
  13. LSUHSCmgr

    Was selling a kessil A150W...we both agreed on the price and a trade for the light fixture had to work bc he was on call so I let him work it out txt him about if we was still good to trade and hasn’t heard from him since txt a few times to see if he was interested no response bad experience with him .
  14. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    Mannnnn I’m tempted but I won’t have a spot!! [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] all I will need is 2 lights and bam filler er up .