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  1. New G4 xr30w pro

    That’s superrrrr cheap!!! I’m tempted lol .
  2. Zoas

    Blue lagoons sold .
  3. Zoas

    Bump .
  4. ADA 60F or 8g tank

    Sold!! Lock it ip .
  5. Zoas

    This is what the reverse space monsters look like under a professional camera And what the BSA SS paly looks like .
  6. Zoas

  7. Zoas

    6/7p donnabella zoa $30 8+p pink minefield zoa $50 1p reverse space monster $80 1p+baby BSA Shock sticker zoa $200 3p with 2 babies TGC beauty and the Beast $350 5 polyps blue lagoons $80 Needing some extra cash for my trip this upcoming week to Vietnam !!!
  8. ADA 60F or 8g tank

    Selling this bc I got a biocube 28 just selling it for $50 less then what I got it for but all that comes with this tank stand and the return pump I do have a small sump that came with this tank bc atm I have it plumber into my main I will break it down and clean it this weekend. $100 .
  9. CB rainbow crush

    Close this please .
  10. CB rainbow crush

    Bump $350!!! .
  11. CB rainbow crush

    Bump .
  12. HIGH end zoa pack

    SOLD!!!! Lock it up .
  13. CB rainbow crush

    I just moved it to a 2” hexadisc very niceeee size to $400 Using money to go to Vietnam to visit family .
  14. HIGH end zoa pack

    Just taken today when I woke up most are open and I can see the other 2 slowly opening but give it by tomorrow or so they’ll all be open and I can snap pictures of them individually .
  15. HIGH end zoa pack

    3p GB bow ties blasters 150 2p GB emperor 180 3p blue lagoons 50 2p tdf shazams 80 2p cb moneyshots 80 1p krak god 120 1p specks krak 90 Total 750 Pack deal 550 shipped 500 picked up cutting them tonight 5/3/18 so will be ready by 5/10 Money is being used for my Vietnam trip to visit family Located in nola