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  1. datboyhieu

    6p krak gods

    Selling 6p krak gods plus a good bit of baby bumps already on it $300 located in nola but willing to travel to surrounding areas .
  2. datboyhieu

    OG Poletti Jawbreaker

    Soldddd lock it up admins .
  3. datboyhieu

    OG Poletti Jawbreaker

    Selling a mark poletti JB needing some cash for some trouble I got into... it’s as big as a half dollar coin will be broken off the rock has a lot of green specks on it throughout the shroom itself Asking $600 OBO .
  4. datboyhieu


    LF tiger trocus snails anyone have any for sale .
  5. datboyhieu

    New G4 xr30w pro

    That’s superrrrr cheap!!! I’m tempted lol .
  6. datboyhieu


    Blue lagoons sold .
  7. datboyhieu


    Bump .
  8. datboyhieu

    ADA 60F or 8g tank

    Sold!! Lock it ip .
  9. datboyhieu


    This is what the reverse space monsters look like under a professional camera And what the BSA SS paly looks like .
  10. datboyhieu


  11. datboyhieu


    6/7p donnabella zoa $30 8+p pink minefield zoa $50 1p reverse space monster $80 1p+baby BSA Shock sticker zoa $200 3p with 2 babies TGC beauty and the Beast $350 5 polyps blue lagoons $80 Needing some extra cash for my trip this upcoming week to Vietnam !!!
  12. datboyhieu

    ADA 60F or 8g tank

    Selling this bc I got a biocube 28 just selling it for $50 less then what I got it for but all that comes with this tank stand and the return pump I do have a small sump that came with this tank bc atm I have it plumber into my main I will break it down and clean it this weekend. $100 .
  13. datboyhieu

    CB rainbow crush

    Close this please .
  14. datboyhieu

    CB rainbow crush

    Bump $350!!! .
  15. datboyhieu

    CB rainbow crush

    Bump .