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  1. interested in renting as well! also located in Baton Rouge
  2. LOL! ohhhhh the things we do for our significant others.... Looks great! Cant wait until you fill it up with water.
  3. THANKS! Jclyne, right now the tank is pending, but I will let you know if it falls through.
  4. I have a Aqua Medic Triple Doser laying around for sale. I do not know how much it is worth anymore, so 100 OBO. call or text 225-456-6410 - Anthony
  5. I am not sure how many gallons total, but the dimensions are: sump = 12 high x 20 long x 10.5wide tank = 14 high x 23.5 long x 11.5 wide
  6. Baton Rouge. Sorry I should have specified location in my profile.
  7. I have a small ADA tank. I bought it from a reefer a long time ago, but never got around to setting it up. Everything in the picture is included. Located in Baton Rouge. Text or call at 225-456-6410. - Anthony
  8. Really nice candy canes!
  9. Glad your loving it!!
  10. Any Questions or want better pics msg me. Green Candy Cane over 10 heads. 15 Kryptonite Candy Cane over probably 100 heads. Too many to count. Sold!! Zoa rock - have some yellow and green zoas. 15 Duncans - 30 To 40 heads between the two colonies. 100
  11. ahhh your in lake charles! pretty far lol i guess ill just order it.. i just wanted to see if somebody wanted to trade or sell local so i dont have to wait... hate the waiting game.. Thanks Stang66GT!
  12. I just recently received my bulbs from Reef Geek. 4 blue plus and 2 purple plus. It is a little to blue for me. Anybody interested in a trade, my blue plus for a purple plus or a fiji purple? 39w t5. Ill pay the difference. Or have an extra purple plus or fiji purple i can buy. Thanks!
  13. I bought this cube a long time ago and never set it up... Was wondering if anybody was interested in buying it. It comes with a Ac50. NOT sure what it is worth so ill just post it for 50$obo or Trades!