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  1. Setosa, birdsnest, single frogspawn all pending .
  2. Not that I can get off the rock. I'll check tonight to see what I can get .
  3. I can probably get some green ricodea off a a rock .
  4. Small setosa $10 Birdsnest $10 Frogspawn in the back Single head $10 7 heads $60 (would like to sell as a whole but will break if I have to) 2x Miyagi Tort $25 each (Sorry for crappy pics) 2x green tenius? $20 each Mind blowing paly (50 ish polyps Mayne more) $75 Probably some other stuff but that's all I can think of. Located in Lafayette . Of course open to trade too
  5. Considered parting out yet? Looks like most everything is wanted. .
  6. If you part id be interested in the light .
  7. Thank you for not starving your fish to keep "perfect" nutrient levels. .
  8. mrmaytagg

    LF 40b

    Anyone planning to make a trip from the area to Lafayette that's willing to mule. I can pay in a frag of sorts 😅 .
  9. Someone buy those rws before I do please. .
  10. mrmaytagg

    LF 40b

    Awesome. I'll start looking for a way to get it. Pm coming .
  11. mrmaytagg

    LF 40b

    Just a shot in the dark here but I'm looking for a 40. I need to go fallow in my tank and cracked mine. I really I would like to find one around Lafayette. .
  12. 48" If I remember right. .
  13. Why can't you be close to me. Shipping it would negate the great deal. Someone should jump on this. .
  14. Aptasia rx worked wonders for me. Much better than aptasia x by red sea.
  15. Ha ha ha. That dog. Coral looks great too but that dog .
  16. Well that one was growing upwards as well. When I placed it the frag fell over and I'm too lazy to fix it. This one is more purple than blue though. I don't know what it's called but I like it. .
  17. So what's this? I was told Miyagi tort. .
  18. The great 91 cents per gallon sale. [emoji6] Taking up space in the garage. 50 obo. .
  19. That was just made my wife ask "what the h#$! Is so funny?" .
  20. What is this piece. If you ever frag it I'd really like a piece. .
  21. You must have that magic potion because those colonies look amazing. [emoji22] .
  22. Both sold. Please close .