• Greg Graham (Reef_Tank_Greg)
    In early 2011, I founded Bayou Reefkeeping along with the help of a few others. We are every proud of each and every one of you who makes this club as great as it is.Through this club we have been able to assist and educate many newcomers to the hobby and experienced hobbyists as well. Through our monthly events, we have been able to bring hundreds of people together. Like all newcomers, I also had a start at some point too.
    Throughout my childhood I would regularly go with my mom to the local pet shop to look at fish for her aquariums. She always had one or two tanks setup with common freshwater fish such as guppies, mollies, and swordtails. She would often agonize over the cost of each fish because we didn't have a whole lot of money back then. So most of those trips amounted to window shopping and watching Mom talk it up with the pet shop employees. Occasionally though she would be able to get a couple of fish and bring them back home. I always enjoyed sitting and watching the fish in her tanks.
    Fast forward to my college years when I eventually moved away from home while attending LSU. For the first couple of years in my apartment, something was missing. There was no fish tank! I started going to the local fish shop in Baton Rouge and saltwater fish really caught my eye. One day there were some 30 gallon tall tank kits available complete with compact fluorescent lighting, hood, and filtration. At this point I would officially be hooked on the hobby I would come to love.
    I setup my first saltwater aquarium in the late nineties at my college home. It was in my bedroom and before long many of my friends were hanging out there watching my tank rather than sitting around the TV in the living room. The tank was a calming source during an otherwise hectic time of my life spent juggling time between work and school. I often turned the tank lights on well after midnight and studied in my chair next to the tank.
    In 2004, I met a wonderful woman, Nicki, who would later become my wife. Soon after meeting her I setup my first reef tank, a 90 gallon tank. Not long after setting the tank up, I noticed something. Nicki, a college student at the time, would lay out her coursework on the table near the tank. She would often take breaks and stare at the tank. This reminded me so much of the calming effects my college tank had upon me.
    Since then, I have really been bit hard by the reefkeeping bug! In addition to that 90 gallon tank which I still have, I also have a 250 gallon reef tank. I actually agonize over every livestock purchase much like Mom always did. For me though, it is because I am very much aware that these purchases are actually living creatures which I am accepting responsibility in caring for. My oldest fish are around seven and a half years old and most of my fish are over four years old. I take a great amount of pride in caring for my aquatic livestock.
    Since 2004 I have been an active member of local reef clubs and countless reefkeeping websites and forums. My wife and I have annually opened up our home to members of the local reefkeeping community since 2007. Nicki and I have met many great people from all walks of life via this hobby. We truly look forward to our time spent with everyone and the friendships nurtured over time. As much as I love the hobby itself, it is the people within the reefkeeping community that truly make it rewarding.

    Kirk Melton (kirk_m)
    I have kept aquariums for about as long as I can remember, but, I didn't make the switch to marine tanks until 2002. After visiting some friends who happened to have a coral reef tank, I was intrigued by the interesting life forms they kept and was awed by the colors some of these salt water creatures had. A month later, I was able to persuade my wife to let me convert one of my planted freshwater tanks into a reef tank. I had my 72 gallon bowfront drilled and made reef-ready at a local salt water shop, and the addiction began.

    From its very humble beginnings, the 72 gallon eventually became a mixed reef tank I was very proud to show to others, and it was filled with all manner of leather corals, star polyps, mushrooms, zoanthids, palythoa, a clam, large polyp stony corals, and the lone SPS coral - a green montipora capricornis. When hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, I lost this tank due to extended power outages, and, was considering getting out of the hobby (and SAVING some money!) when to my surprise, my wife asked me "why don't you just get a bigger tank now?" Mind you, these are words she has never made the mistake of uttering again! So, in late 2005 I upgraded to a 120 gallon aquarium, which I slowly populated with SPS corals until it was full to the brim. I took an immense amount of pride in that aquarium as I had grown virtually everything in it into basketball sized colonies from lowly 1" coral fragments.

    As the addiction grew, I set up a 400 gallon system in my garage which was used to propagate frags. At least at that point I was able to sell SOME coral frags to offset what the hobby was costing me, though I never made any profit from it. After a few years of it running, we welcomed our second child to the family, and as these things go, I had no extra time for this system, so, it had to go. A few years later, and I added a 90 gallon tank to my garage, dedicated strictly to "eye candy" LPS and soft corals, as well as wrasses, which had a habit of jumping out of my open topped 120.

    I still question to this day why I stay in this frustrating, expensive hobby, and the only answer I ever have for myself is that it is simply in my blood. I enjoy helping new hobbyists get their systems running and stable, as well as helping experienced hobbyists troubleshoot problems with their established systems. I have been active on the local saltwater forums since 2003.


    Jordan Stari (tobias funke)
    Inadvertently found my way into the hobby in 2002 shortly after graduating from Ole Miss. Upon graduation, I moved back to Louisiana and spent every available hour fishing for specks. Like the truly great fishermen of my family I was more skilled in telling tales than actually catching fish. One hot fish-less afternoon in the marsh a light bulb went off. I would set up a saltwater tank to see how bait fish/shrimp behave when not attached to a hook. This would provide the edge I needed and transform me into the trout master. There was also the thought- "How hard could it be?" 
    With visions of the Great Barrier Reef in my mind and limited resources I set up a 20 gallon tank of death. Perplexed with why I could not keep anything alive I found a local fish store. The LFSprovided some basic information and soon enough I could keep minnows alive. I was on my way to becoming the master fishermen of legends but somewhere along the way my minnow research tank was transformed into a tiny little reef.

    The bait shrimp experiment evolved thru the years and tanks came and went. Numerous species tanks ranging from stomatopods to seahorses, sixteen gallon reefs to 150 predator tanks but the list has been reduced to three tanks- two 65s and a 90. Current tanks are built around my main interest in the hobby- eels and inverts.


    Adam Clayton (TheGrimmReefer)
    Born and raised in Prairieville, I have always been interested in animals and nature, alike. I grew up catching crawfish and turtles in the ditches of my neighborhood, fishing in my family's ponds, and have always had a fascination with aquatic life. I kept a freshwater tank as a kid, but, always seemed to find a way to neglect (and ultimately, kill) anything I put into it. I moved on to keeping box turtles in a small 10g tank and left the fish alone for awhile.

    A longtime friend of mine eventually found his way into keeping saltwater aquariums, and this sparked a renewed interest for me. I never knew keeping a saltwater tank was possible, not to mention, never seeing one in person. So, as you can imagine, I was quite intrigued.

    Life took me on a very curvy road, which led me to North Carolina, where I lived and worked for a little over two years. After growing tired of the fresh mountain air (wait, what?) I found my way back to muggy ol' Louisiana, only to find an even bigger tank in my friends home. A beautiful 5 foot, 120g display, filled with beautiful corals and fish. This set off a spark! I wanted a saltwater tank and was ready to set one up!

    A few short months later, I set up my first reef tank, a 14g Biocube, in March of 2012. The tank filled up quickly, and I eventually was looking to upgrade to something bigger. About this same time, I was moving out of the temporary home with my dad and back out on my own, which gave me a chance to upgrade! I purchased a used 120g from another reefer in Prairieville, moved it to my new place in Maurepas, and got it going. That tank ran for over a year, until I moved back to Prairieville and purchased a new 120g tank from Planet Aquariums.

    Over the few years I have been in the hobby, I have continued to grow and learn as a reefkeeper. One of the best things about the hobby, in my opinion, is the fact that you can never know everything there is to know. Simply because, the hobby grows along with us and our tanks. Keeping a reef tank is something that has been embedded into my being. I honestly believe there will ALWAYS be a glass box of saltwater, somewhere in my house!

    Eric Owens (ericd000)
    My name’s Eric and while I’m not a Louisiana native, I’ve lived here for over 11 years now so I claim the Baton Rouge as home now. 
    I have only been involved with marine/reef aquariums since mid-2009 and in that time, I’ve had two tanks, with a third now in the works.   Growing up, I had freshwater tanks for most of my adolescent life, keeping basic fish, but always loved the look of saltwater aquariums. 
    I inherited a 12 gallon JBJ nanocube from a friend that was moving to Texas and didn’t want to take her tank.  I got the nano, one clownfish, a torch coral with two heads, and some rock in the summer of ’09, and loved getting home from work and looking into the tank to see how my little piece of the ocean was doing.   I can now blame her for my addiction…
    Fast forward a couple of months, and while researching the issues I ran into maintaining the nano led me to upgrade to a 120 gallon setup I purchased used from a LFS.  I was so anxious to get that new, (to me) bigger tank up and running that I rushed some things in the setup and ended up losing my early fish to having used GE II in building my first sump.  After about a month and a half, I replaced the sump with one that used the correct silicone and from there the 120 took off and mostly thrived until I moved to a new house in 2012.  It did have its up and downs but as I got more experience and leaned on the experiences of others in the local and national saltwater communities, I got better with maintaining and keeping my little piece of the reef going. 
    As mentioned, in August 2012, I purchased a new home in south Baton Rouge specifically with the intention of converting one of the bedrooms into a fish room with a viewing pane into the living room.   With Greg’s help we packed up the 120 and moved it to the new place.  Greg stayed late into the evening and helped me get everything in the tank and count the casualties.  That was a little disheartening, but I resolved to solider on with the hobby.  After the move the 120 just never was the same.  I had my first really painful coral die off in the first couple of months following the move and lost all my clams.  I still kept it going though, as I’m not one to give up quickly or easily. 
    In mid-2013 I got a deal on a Marineland 300 deep dimension tank and this began the upgrade build.  As of the date of writing this (5/27/2015) that build is still in progress.  However I am getting pretty close to getting water in it.  Hoping to see water in it by 7/31/15!
    I love this hobby and with my busy work schedule, the time I spend working on the tank is therapeutic for me.  Being able to watch fish and coral grow is pretty much the most awesome part of the hobby for me.  Here’s to many more years of happy reefing!



    Dustin Breaux (RoughLSUfan)





    My addiction stared back in July of 2008. I always wanted a saltwater aquarium. Back in 2008 I was trying to quit smoking. I found that I had entirely to much time on my hands.

    You don't realize how much time you spend outside smoking until you try and quit. I found myself going back to cigarettes time and time again. In July of that year I decided to

    kick the habit for good and dive into the saltwater aquarium world.


    My first tank was a 90 gallon that I bought from someone off Craig's List. The tank came with everything needed for a saltwater aquarium. I slowly started upgrading equipment

    and getting things like I thought I wanted. Then I found the reef forums. That's when I really started to get addicted. (also started spending a lot more money as well)


    I got rid of the 90 gallon and started a little 40 breeder. That tank was my favorite. I had all the equipment that I wanted, coral looked great and the fish seemed as though they enjoyed their habitat that I created for them. We went to move into a small apartment and that is when tragedy hit and I shattered the back glass. I called up a reefing buddy and

    told him to head over quick to get all my fish and coral to put in his 120. When I lost that tank I was devastated. I pulled out of the hobby for a couple years. In those couple years

    I bought a house and my wife and I had our third child.


    A few months ago, I decided to get back into the hobby that I love and started my dual 20 long tanks. I love this hobby and all the ups and downs that go along with it. I am 

    learning something new every day and I think that is the best thing about this hobby. I am still a non smoker and I have this amazing hobby to thank for that.



    Michael Knight (mknightryder)


    Hello all! I've been an avid outdoorsman ever since I was in diapers. I love spending time in the woods and on the water just enjoying every beautiful creation the good Lord

    has to offer! Growing up I can remember my father having a 55g freshwater tank. Back then that tank was humongous to my small eyes! Eventually we grew tired of stocking

    it with guppies and neons and such, so he started letting me add a few small bluegill bream and channel catfish. I would keep the tank clean and feed the fish with live crickets, grubs, and worms that I would dig up in the yard. Eventually, I added a small large mouth bass and as soon as he grew big enough to eat the bream - well he did.... That's just

    apart of growing up in southern Louisiana I reckon'!


    I have always had some kind of glass cage around my house with something either in it or dust collecting on it waiting for the next inhabitant. I've kept numerous types of turtles,

    fish, and lizards through out the years. In 2010, I figured it was time for my 4 year old son to enjoy everything that growing up with an aquarium has to offer. We set up a small

    10 gallon freshwater tank that soon transformed into a 75g cichlid tank. However, every time he and myself would enter a fish store to look at freshwater fish we would find

    ourselves spending a lot more time in the saltwater section. He loved the fish and I loved the corals! We were mesmerized!!! My boy would always remind me when a new

    episode of "Fish Tank Kings" or "Tanked" would air. After watching this fire burn in my son's belly and me not being scared of a challenge, I decided it was time to try our hand

    at a saltwater aquarium...


    I was able to pick up a very used 90g Oceanic reef-ready tank with all the bells and whistles.... Actually the tank was about the only thing I used from the original purchase.

    I still have the 250w metal halides and the old school Top-Fathom skimmer in the fish closet! Well due to the fact that we have numerous hobbies, this tank was set-up on a

    budget and basically it was a trial by fire. I began watching numerous you tube videos, talking to LFS owners, and eventually joined one of the big national forums. There I

    would ask "normal" newbie questions, but since my post count was not high enough I would not get any useful help... I gave up with the forums and basically just "winged"

    the tank in it's infancy.. Things began to grow and thrive. Before we knew it we had an awesome small piece of the reef in our living room!


    One day after going to an appointment at the Biloxi VA I stopped by a LFS and the owner was talking to a reefer in there. I overheard them talking about Bayou Reef Keeping.

    A few weeks later I joined the club and attended my first meet at Jerry's (aka lars) house. There I was met by an awesome group of reefers who welcomed me with arms wide

    open! At first I was intimidated to meet a "salty" reefer, but I soon realized they were once a newbie like me! I left that meet that day thinking, "this is something I would really

    like to be a part of!"


    Reefkeeping has been a big part of my life since 2012. I have met some wonderful people through the hobby and plan to meet many more. I find myself checking up on Bayou Reefkeeping current events several times a day. It seems like I learn something useful about the hobby each and every day!! Sometimes I find myself wanting to put off a fishing

    or hunting trip just to stay home to do tank maintenance or some other DIY tank project. Eventually, our 90g served it's purpose as a beginner tank and I was able to set up a

    5'x2'x2' 150g Planet Aquariums tank. I hand massaged on the wooden stand for months until it was perfect! The coolest thing about the build was having my son help out along

    the way. I was able to teach him some wood-working skills, sanding, painting, and of course lots of patience! I love everything about the hobby and plan to stay in it as long as

    I am physically able to!  


    Brandon May (saltyfish808)


    Hello all, my name is Brandon and I'm a reef addict! I was born in 1980 in Metairie, Louisiana.  I have lived in Louisiana all of my life. I have lived in Kenner, Ponchatoula, Hammond, Robert, Covington, and now currently reside in Abita Springs. I am married and recently have just had my first child. I have been a avid fish keeper for almost 20 years and don't see that streak coming to a close anytime soon!


    I graduated from high school in 98 and went into start my culinary career and at 21 I was a a Sous chef at a 4star restaurant. When I was 24 I was offered a job in New Orleans to be a chef and open up a restaurant. Later that year Katrina hit, flooded the restaurant and destroyed my new home I had bought in Covington. Over the next few months I rebuilt my home myself and took a new path in carpentry which I enjoyed a lot more than the long hours of a restaurant.


    When I was younger I had a bunch of allergies that kept me from having traditional pets such as dogs and cats. I really didn't have any pets till I was about 9 when I received a snake from my uncle for my birthday.  Within a couple of years I had 10 snakes which made my small bedroom as a child look like a pet shop. I was forced to give up my snakes after my 8 foot red tail boa got out of his cage and ended up in my mother's bed. I didn't get another pet till I was 18.


    I started my aquarium journey in 1998 with a 10 gallon fresh water tank. Even with this little tank I was always in some lfs looking around. It didn't take long for me to upgrade to a 30 gallon freshwater tank which I thought was a huge back then. Within a couple months I felt I had mastered the freshwater. For a birthday gift I was given a 55 gallon tank, which at this point I could not keep my eyes off the saltwater section of the lfs I frequented. So needless to say, there was no way I was going to start another freshwater tank. 


    That first tank was rough, I learned a lot from trial and error. Soon after I found my first all Saltwater store and began getting good advice and direction from the owner, who is still a good friend today. The 55 turned into a 90. The 90 turned into a 125. The 125 turned in a 225 with a 90 and a 80. The addiction was real and created the 600 gallon monster that I built in my home a couple of years ago!