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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Everyone! I have a Hollywood Stunner chalice that has grown to about 9x12 inches. If someone wants a large colony comment selling for cheap. If anyone wants frags, Ill make 4x3 inch chunk frags 10$ need to trim. Picture in post.
  2. We’re back in business. Check out the Facebook page for updated stock. We will start posting on the forum moving forward hit me up with any questions and happy feeding guys.
  3. Saw this video posted by ReefBuilders tonight while looking for something on YouTube to put on in the background. The content of the presentation was really interesting to me in regards to what coral is like in the wild compared to once it is acclimated to living in an aquarium. The presenter has an accent, but lots of good info I feel. If you got half an hour or so to kill, feel free to check out the video. The first couple of minutes is Jake from RB talking, FYI.
  4. All Livestock and Tank for $600 Located in Covington, LA Call/text to discuss: 337 - Two Nine Six - 1631 I'm a new member, long time lurker on Bayou Reef keeping. I have been notified that i will be relocated to Houston, TX from Covington, LA by the end of November 2017. Rather than move everything to Houston, i am going to just sell all the livestock and most of equipment. The tank has been up since August 2016 with gradual addition of fish and corals over time. I'm selling all Livestock, Live Rock, Live Sand, etc. Some equipment I plan to keep for a potential future tank in Houston. I'm willing to sell tank with all livestock or just all the livestock. I really prefer selling all livestock together was one due to short notice for relocation. For obvious reasons, I can't part out the setup unless all the livestock is gone. Tank/Setup for sale: 1 Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano 20 tank 1 Sicce Syncra 1.5 (357gph) pump 1 Innovative Marine 200gph pump (spare) 1 Innovative Marine Desktop Ghost Skimmer 2 Innovative Marine 200 Micron filter socks (desktop size) 1 IM Aquagadget Bedia Basket 1 IM Aquagadget Feeding ring 1 siphon for water changes 2 5-gallon buckets with screw on lids for water changes and more if you buy all the livestock and/or tank. 2ea. Innovative Marine Skkye LED (this is not the light i currently use on the tank Fish: 2 paired clowns, medium size 1 Purple Fire Fish medium plus 1 Sand Sifting Diamond Goby (Healthy and eating from broadcast feeding the tank.) 1 Assessors Basslet (yellow with blue/green head) CUC/Crustaceans: 1 Blue Leg Hermit Crab 1 Other Hermit Crab (red and brown legs) 1 Emerald Crab (Large) 1 Fire Shrimp 1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 2 Conches Too many corals for me to list here, many of them are grown onto the live rock. I prefer selling the hole rock rather than fragging. As a note, things I do not plan to sell unless the offer is attractive. I'm just adding it here so you know how i managed the tank: 1 130W Maxspect Razr LED 1 BRS water saver plus RO/DI unit (6 stage, 150GPD) 1 Apex Fusion Controller 2 BRS 1.1 mL/minute Dosing Pumps 1 Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti Auto Top-off 1 2-gallon Auto Top-off Reservoir Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (half of a 5-gallon bucket free if you buy all livestock) misc. other testing and dosing equipment/consumables
  5. I've never made a post in this section and I was looking through my pictures and thought this would be neat to show to everyone. I'm proud of myself! I go to a LFS called Just Fish in Biloxi MS and those guys have taught me 90% of everything I know and currently do. I have to give credit where it's due. I love this aquarium. It's come a long way and those guys at Just Fish could testify to that! They always pick on me about the first day I walked in the door. So, lets start there. I had 10 gallon fish tanks that were freshwater and I had gotten bored of them and knew I wanted to step my game up to the saltwater world. I started doing my own research and looking for a decent sized aquarium at the same time. Well, I got lucky. A guy made a Facebook post about his tank he was selling. 90 gallon, with light, stand, canister filter and a heater. It also came with fish, Caribsea Indo Pacific substrate and live rock. Still running too. Best part is he was selling it for $300. So I jumped on it. I got it for $250, brought it home and started caring for those fish. I knew I wanted to sell those fish though since they were predators. A 12 inch Panther Grouper, a Snowflake Eel easily 18 inches long, and a Scorpion fish about 6 inches long. I sold them to a guy setting up an aquarium at his boat store for $70. Perfect, so I got the aquarium cheap. A day or so following that I went to Just Fish and started talking to them telling them what I had and what I wanted to do. Obviously a reef was my end goal. I brought him a water sample, and you probably wouldn't believe this unless I had a picture (and I wish I did), but my nitrates were off the scale for the test strip he uses. Over 200 ppm!!!!!!! The guy I got the tank from told me up front he wasn't doing the maintenance he use to do so it was probably nasty in there, but I had no idea what that meant. So, my new mission was to get those down per Gerwin from Just Fish. I did. After a few 60 gallon water changes, I was around 40 nitrates. At this point I had to start doing partial water changes to let the tank cycle. Oh, I forgot to mention. I had to clean the substrate. That was some of the darkest, nastiest waster I've seen. The Mississippi River has clearer water...... With that being said, the tank cycled, and some time later I got the blessing from the Just Fish staff to start stocking my tank. Needless to say I had to upgrade the lighting, added a uv sterilizer, and a skimmer too. I was cooking with grease at this point! Here is what i started with after that. http:// Pretty plain, ugly, and well, boring. I kept seeing peoples pictures of beautiful reefs though and envied them. I knew I wanted a piece of the ocean in my house so I kept my eye on the prize and learned a lot through trial and error and talking to the staff at Just Fish. I started watching Mr. SaltwaterTV and reading more articles. I got deployed and Gerwin from Just Fish let me borrow a book about reef keeping and I read that book from front to back twice! The book was called the Reef Tank Owners manual. What a great read for a beginner. It's filled with practical information. I came back home, and luckily for me my beautiful wife enjoys the aquarium as well, and she kept care of the little reef we started together the entire 9 months I was away! What a gal huh!? I came home to a big surprise. She was doing things a bit differently from me, but the tank had better parameters than from the day I left, and the corals had grown a lot! Then in March 2016 we went to Fragniappe! That is an AWESOME event by the way! We had a blast and can't wait for 2017, and Mr. SaltwaterTV is going to be there! How freaking awesome is that?! I'm stoked for this event this year!!!! A Fragniappe we upgraded to an Icecap sump, got a better skimmer, an ATO, and a few other things. That cleaned up the display tank a lot and wow does that sump make a difference! Well anyway, this is long winded. After 2 years, a lot of learning, love and care, we have something to be proud of. We still have a lot to learn and I just can't get bored with this hobby! I hope if you read this far that you enjoyed my writing :P. Thanks for sticking through to the end haha! I hope you enjoy the end result as well! This picture was taken just a couple weeks ago.