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Found 3 results

  1. Transform Your Aquarium Experience With Sound and ColorJoin us THIS FRIDAY for a live Q&A with Ike Eigenbrode of Current USA!Click here to register (it's free!)
  2. Now In Stock: AI Prime HD FW Get fresh with Aqua Illumination's new Prime HD FW!
  3. couldnt find anything dedicated to planted tanks so i decided to make one! as probably most people did, i started with freshwater. i just remember thinking "hey i think a fishtank would be cool in the house" went to petsmart and grabbed a 10g kit. set it up and remember looking online and seeing these awsome tanks with live plants. that was a wrap. i started looking for these species and trying to grow them with the led that came with the kit hahaah within a month or so, a 55g fell right into my lap and used that for a while until i decided to take the plunge into salt with a 20g. soon tore down the fw to put in a bigger sw haha. will still always have love to fw planted so i set up a 20g not too long ago and this is what i got... right after a fresh cut. plants are some kind of dwarf val, dwarf sag, and dwarf hairgrass. was using all spare equipment when setting this tank up so lights are 3 6500k 23w cfl. using a sun sun canister(rated for like 75g i think lol) and diy co2. dwarf hairgrass is taking longer to carpet than with injected co2 but is still growing! so everyone post em if you got em!