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Found 7 results

  1. I have a zetlight ufo 8300 and wifi controller. Looking for 240.00 for both. The only thing is the aesthetic blue ring is a little dim. LED chip works great and fan is new. I have the original box and hanging kit.
  2. Hello all,I've been hanging onto this light for a rimless build, but I just don't foresee that happening anytime soon.This light has never been used and still has all the original packaging/contents, etc. I'm looking to get $400 obo.Feel free to reach out on here. I can send more pictures upon request as well. I live in Mandeville, but work in Gonzales.
  3. $150 photon Reefbreeder. Great light. not as sexy as the new ones, but works as good as any light out there. $150 for 30 Innovative marine AIO tank, InTank Media trays, other accessories and White Stand. thinking of getting back into the Reef game, just want a smaller setup. would consider a trade. AIO tank setups 10-15 gallon. Tank and Stand have been cleaned and ready to go. Always kept inside and still in great condition. The stand isnt amazing and has some bumps and bruises but it still looks good and works well.
  4. so i am using sunspect 165w x3 black box leds from ebay on a 125. i know of other people that use these with good results. i just wanted to get some input on what you guys run them at. ive been doing about 75 blue and >25 white (first click on) im having trouble with birdsnest and one of my montis losing pe and color a bit. but there was no real swing in alk or calc so maybe its the lighting?
  5. My LED light is going out. Looking to replace it but budget is a concern. It's a very basic 45 gallon tank with easy, beginner level zoas, soft corals, mushrooms. One clown fish, clean up crew, about 60lbs of live rock and reef octopus skimmer. Any suggestions?
  6. ok so quick question. i had an extra led fixture lying around so i threw it on my refugium to light the frag rack down there but im having a little ttrouble with the chaeto. i keep hearing things about explosive chaeto growth but im just not seeing anything. the algae just stays the same size.. caulerpa seems to be growing pretty decent though. im just wondering if maybe i should throw a 6500k buld under there or maybe the algae would do better with just blue settings on the leds? oh and the led is fluval sea pro. anybody have experience with this?
  7. Well, I have been out the game for sometime and had a quick little questions for all you folks. I have been given a 25 gallon tank, and debating setting up a new reef tank. I left the hobby to pursue my hobby as a botanist. My question is can I use my LEDs from my hydroponics setup for a reef tank? If I need I think I could look up the wavelengths of the lights. I know they are classified as a 300w fixture, but they pull about 185w total. It is considered a full spectrum, 11-band lighting, including UV and IR lighting. I would assume that growing algae would be a no brainer, but how will the corals take to this type of lighting? Thanks for any insight!