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Found 3 results

  1. So i will be starting a 24 gallon jbj nanocube soon for my corals and a few small fish. my main tank will end up as a fowlr with a few predators for now. I picked the tank up for $50 without the hood. so i need some input/opinions. I will be running a magdrive 900 on the return. I will most likely add a protein skimmer down the road. what i need from y'all is as follows: 1) what should i run in each chamber? i was thinking filter floss in chamber 1 with a sponge on top unless there is a filter sock that could clip in. chamber 2 with marine pure spheres. and chemipure elite in chamber 3 with the pump and heater. 2)lighting and wavemaker- i was originally thinking a kessil a 80 tuna blue with a japao pp4, but now i am thinking about the loop system with 1 18" light and 1 660gph wavemaker.
  2. Parts are starting to arrive so I thought it was time to start my build thread. This is going to be a 25 gallon Nano. Hole saws arrived this week, waiting on the bulkheads to get here in the next couple days. I want to double check sizes before I start drilling.
  3. So, as some of you have learned, I'm getting back into the hobby. I am starting a new project that will have a 25 gallon display. (oddly that was the first size I ever did a reef tank in) As, I look through the websites I used to I notice some things have changed/advanced and others seem to just disappear. I gladly take any recommendations on good reads for Nano style reefing. My biggest hang up stopping me from putting water in the tank is the equipment. Part of me wants to get a sump/skimmer and drill my tank. All things I have done in the past, though never on such a small scale. If the tank was smaller I wouldn't even consider any of this and just rely on water changes to keep things in check. I don't like HOB style equipment and love DIYing. I have about a hundred and one questions right now, so I will let this sit and see what everyone chimes in with and just go from there. Thanks!