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Found 4 results

  1. Selling CAD Lights PLS 100 Skimmer $50 I live in Mandeville, but work in Gonzales.
  2. Apollo

    800$ OBO

    Everything is 6 months old****800$ ****OBO for everything local pick up only ---SoldNuvo 40 24"x 20"x 19" w/ Hand built custom oak Distressed antique glazed cabinet ----600$---- SoldNew in box and plastic Aqua illumination hydra 26 HD -----300$---- Soldaquamaxx skimmer -----75$---- Soldsmart ato -----75$ Pending25 lbs live rock ------25$-----Sold Please Pm me for questions, pictures, phone number, and to visit. Located in Metairie
  3. I need to rid of my entire setup- 40 gallon display- LED AI prime wifi controlled light (tank 50$, light 100$) fish/coral 1x royal gama (20$) 2x clown (25$ each) 3x pajama (15$ each) 2x hermit crab (1$ each) few baby starfish cruising around in there somewhere- they show up on glass once in a while lol (free$) greenstar polyp colony on a rock- about 4x5x4 inch rock (30$) about 30lbs live rock that is about 75% coralline (100$) 20 gallon sump- LED refuge white light (tank 20$, light 20$) baffled with drain area, refuge, then return area water drains through filter sock in first baffle reef octopus bh55 protien skimmer in refuge (50$) quiet pro return pump in return area (20$) smart auto top off- led optical sensor, controller, and pump with tubing from freshwater bucket (80$)
  4. I'm looking to add an HOB to my tank to supplement my current skimmer. My sump can't fit a skimmer larger than I have now.