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Found 12 results

  1. Looking for a all in one tank!
  2. Couple of tanks up for grabs. Both brand new, drilled with two 3/4" drains. Price firm at a dollar per gallon.
  3. I am selling my 20 gallon IM NUVO Drop Off Panorama AIO. Tank has been up and running with success for almost 10 months. I just no longer need it, my 90 gallons is up and running great. The tank is in excellent condition overall. Return pump works great. Included with sale: Tank Asking Price: $200.00 Also trade for 40 breeder setup.
  4. 90 gallon Cabinet, 90 Tank, Filter Sump, Led Lights, 2 Pumps forsale must go $300
  5. 150 gallon salt water bowl front tank 72x52.5x17 NO FISH. make an offer need them gone ASAP.
  6. It's a custom made tank so the dimensions are a little strange. The glass is thicker than a normal tank so there are no braces on top. Had it for a few years and just upgraded. Included are the tank, stand, sump, canopy, and 4 black box lights.
  7. I have a 29 gallon biocube with a changed filtration two powerheads one is aquami wifi pump that we won at macna, it also has an sb reef light 16 inch (extreme one ). it comes with rocks and sand and ill throw in some water. I won an acqua sole fish tank 70L or 55gallons I was told that the 29 gallon would go for 500 Im asking 350 the acqua sole goes for 1600 (crazy i know right) im only asking 1000 but im willing to go lower text-601-807-9906 for pictures also if anyone knows an admin could you ask them to put it up on their face book page
  8. For Sale....300 gallon Planet Aquariums Deep Dimension Tank and custom 1.25" tube steel stand wrapped in wood with magnetic removable panels. Only have tank and stand let from setup. Tank a few scratches due to the low iron glass but nothing major. Corners are beefed up with PVC L brackets. It has a center rear overflow box, 2 returns 3 drains. It also has screen tops. Will post pics soon. Dimensions 72"x 36"x 27" $2000.00 for both
  9. Free to good home...ASAP 2 water storage tanks. Previously used to store RO/DI and Saltwater at our old location. No need for them now. 1 - 150+ gallons 1 - 240+ gallons You pick them up, in Metairie. Sorry...we cannot deliver.
  10. This tank has never seen saltwater. There's a small chip from moving the tank, but other than that it's in great condition. The tank is baffled/drilled and comes with bulkheads/plumping. $175 Currently live in Mandeville, but commute to Gonzales.
  11. $150 photon Reefbreeder. Great light. not as sexy as the new ones, but works as good as any light out there. $150 for 30 Innovative marine AIO tank, InTank Media trays, other accessories and White Stand. thinking of getting back into the Reef game, just want a smaller setup. would consider a trade. AIO tank setups 10-15 gallon. Tank and Stand have been cleaned and ready to go. Always kept inside and still in great condition. The stand isnt amazing and has some bumps and bruises but it still looks good and works well.
  12. I need to rid of my entire setup- 40 gallon display- LED AI prime wifi controlled light (tank 50$, light 100$) fish/coral 1x royal gama (20$) 2x clown (25$ each) 3x pajama (15$ each) 2x hermit crab (1$ each) few baby starfish cruising around in there somewhere- they show up on glass once in a while lol (free$) greenstar polyp colony on a rock- about 4x5x4 inch rock (30$) about 30lbs live rock that is about 75% coralline (100$) 20 gallon sump- LED refuge white light (tank 20$, light 20$) baffled with drain area, refuge, then return area water drains through filter sock in first baffle reef octopus bh55 protien skimmer in refuge (50$) quiet pro return pump in return area (20$) smart auto top off- led optical sensor, controller, and pump with tubing from freshwater bucket (80$)