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Found 4 results

  1. The #1 Mistake Most Hobbyists Make Julian Sprung: The Interview!
  2. Marine Depot

    All you want for Fishmas is...

    All you want for Fishmas is... Today is the Third Day of Fishmas!
  3. Nico the Reefer

    Equipment For Sale

    It's time for me to go off to med school, so I have to part ways with my reef tank. With that said, I have to get rid of all of my equipment. I have been in the hobby for a few years and have maintained my equipment in pristine condition. Most of my equipment was purchased within the last year and everything works exactly as it did when I purchased it. Every item includes all original packaging and instructions. Everything I am selling must go, so I will consider fair counter offers. As an extra incentive for purchasing the items below, I am willing to throw in FREE items with the purchase of any items below. I have posted the list of items below. Additional pictures or information can be provided upon request. Items for Sale: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Triple Inline TDS Meter - HM Digital $30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit (Ca, Alk, Mg) $30 (more than half left) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dual Air Pump $10 (includes FREE sound dampening pad) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Boston Aqua Farms Soft Coral Propagation Starter Kit $25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATO Float Valve & Apex Ready Float Valve $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Free Items (choose 1 with each item purchased above): -Red Sea Aiptasia-X (used once) -Two Little Fishies Iron Concentrate (3/4 full) -Seachem Reef Fusion 2 (almost full) -Julian's Thing Multi-Use Tool - Two Little Fishies -5 Gallon Buckets with lids
  4. WYNTK, Vol 6: Battery Backup and Pouch FeederMore fast facts about our customers' favorite products!