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Found 3 results

  1. 10% off Dosers + Skimmers! PLUS: Hybrid Lights BACK IN STOCK! Dependable equipment from Bubble Magus now on sale!
  2. Marine Depot

    WiFi Roundup 🎮

    WiFi Roundup Our Favorite WiFi Controllable Aquarium Products!
  3. mknightryder

    Wi-Fi PTZ Cameras

    Hey fellow reefers, I was wondering if any of y'all use any Wi-Fi or ip type cameras to check in on your pride and joy while away from it? I was leaning towards the Nest camera because of its great picture and ease of use, but they don't Pan or tilt... And since my sump is not under my tank, I'm going to need two cameras to truly check on things.. Two nest cams is costly! I'd like to be able to Pan, tilt, and zoom since I'm fixing to have two tanks running in my living room! I run an Apex, but since trying to get cameras to play nice with Fusion is a pain the a**, I'd be fine just using the cameras app. To be able to stream live to the public would be nice if that's a safe option? I don't know much about that though. The main thing is I'd like to be able to clearly view the tank, the ato container beneath the tank, and my sump room while out of town. I've found where others have used cheaper versions of cams available, but I'd rather hear what members of our club is using! So what y'all know?!?!