Monti frags & RBTA's FS (Mystic sunset, Leng Si, Setosa..)

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Hey ya'll.. Just trying to make some room on my frag rack... Getting rid of some monti pieces and 2 RBTA's.  All have been fragged for over a month, are encrusted, and are growing well. Coral frags are kept under a Radion g3 and RBTA's are under ecoxotic panorama pros. These photos were taken with an iPhone, so the color is close but not exact. Photos were taken under the 14k setting.


5/9 Edit- Price drop, half off. I need to move these guys out quickly.



            Leng Si Monti-  2-2.5" $30 $15 (pictured top,1 avail.) SOLD    1/2"-1" $15 $5 (1 avail.) SOLD

            Setosa Monti-   1" $30 $15 (1 avail.)  SOLD

Mystic Sunset Monti-   1/2"-3/4" $20 $10 (1 avail.)  SOLD  &  1"-1.5" $30 $15 (1 avail.) SOLD

                     RBTA's-    2"-3" $40 $20 (2 avail.)  SOLD


I'm currently keeping them at:

10.8 dKH  -Ca 420ppm  -Mg 1330ppm  -PO4 0.01ppm  NO3- 15ppm  -NO2&NH4 0ppm -Salinity 1.025


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.









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I'll take the $15 leng si and the $15 sunset. PM'ing now.
I just called and ordered your 120g that 40 is stuffed lol

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Apologies in the delay of updating this thread guys, I was in new orleans this weekend and couldnt remember my password to update from my phone.  Anyway, I updated the list, and everything is sold except one $10 mystic sunset, which is currently pending.. I will update if it falls through or when it sells.


Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!  I'm glad my hard work on the tank makes for happy corals!


-P.S.- Anthony, glad its doing well!  The nem that I kept from when it split likes his light kind of low, so he stays all the way at the bottom of the tank.

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