10 gallon Nano Tank...back to my roots!

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I think I will always be a lover of small tanks.  I started my 10 gallon as a home for a pair of Wyoming Whites I simply couldn't pass up at Petco (on sale for $30 wth).  I had been wanting to move my flower anemones into a nano tank for a while because they kept moving anyway so this was my perfect opportunity.  Well, after a tank crash in my 40 gallon we decided to take it down and sell off everything until I'm finished with school.  We fragged what we wanted and traded my fish for some great corals with stang on here.  Progress shots of my 10 gallon:






Anddd stuffed to bursting lol.  Waiting on my husband to come back with some glue so I can put everything in its permament place.  The water is also cloudy after I had to play catch the pistol shrimp.  He decided he was going to cover al the frags and steal a loose mushroom during the night.  I had to take out all the frags and my right rock scape and grab him with my hand and toss him into the stagnant water of the 40 gallon.  He's now at the fish store waiting to wreak havoc in someone else's tank.

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Nice tank. The black sand makes the colors pop. What is that fish in the last picture?

A red banded goby. Probably my favorite dish in the entire hobby. They stay really small. My husband said it looked like a toenail clipping when we first got it >.>

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