Innovative Marine 40g NUVO Build!

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So my rock finished curing while I was on a cruise and I got it in the tank with some Fiji Pink live sand by Caribsea (my favorite kind)!  It looks so good and the pics don't do it justice with the Kessil light shining on it!  I spent a lot of time chiseling out the caves and pass throughs.  I also got some super glue and epoxy putty to secure the rock together.  The pieces that are almost white in color and look like dead coral are just that.  I got them from Belize while snorkeling on my cruise!  They took us to this ultra small island and the island was surrounded by reef and had dead washed up coral skeleton all around the shore and in the shallow water.  I wanted bigger pieces, but I just picked a few to put in my bag and get them back here.  I cured them for about a week and then dried them out for about a week and a half before putting them in the tank.  I think it all looks good...and its cool to have the pieces from out of country.  Here are some pics...


This is how I cured the rock:






Here are some pics of the aquascape so far:









Here is a pic in the stand.  I ordered the 10g Trigger Systems crystal ATO reservoir.  I wanted the sapphire, but the crystal was on sale for Black Friday from Bulk Reef Supply.  I love the reservoir and it works great with the Tunze ATO.  The cords may look unorganized in the pic, but I have them all wrapped up and attached to the walls/top pretty well.  I am definitely going to spend some more time underneath getting it the exact way I want though.




I am now just cycling the tank with the Red Sea Reef Mature Pro kit.  I plan on putting the first livestock in the tank after Christmas!  Starting with two clownfish!

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