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Over the first few years of Bayou Reefkeeping's existence, supporting members have played a vital role for our club. They have helped to fund the club's expenses  such as web hosting, site software fees, domain name fees, and many others. It's beyond words to express our sincere appreciation for this support. We have always made a point to give back to supporting members though. Part of that has been our annual giveaway to supporting members. This year, the annual giveaway drawing will be held at our annual Christmas Party in December!!! Date and time to be determined. MembershipDrive_Logo_Grey--Black--Blue_C


This year we are adding a new benefit! All supporting members who purchase a general admission Fragniappe ticket will be granted early admission to the show at 10:00am, one hour early! That's a $10 value! We will be selling a limited number of early admission tickets to the general public for $20 each, compared to general admission tickets at $10. So you get early admission for only $10! The week before Fragniappe, supporting members will be emailed an early entry code to use along with their purchased general admission ticket. Note: Code will be valid for only one ticket/individual.


To become a supporting member, click below:



Interested in buying tickets to Fragniappe? How about a Fragniappe T-Shirt? Well you can do both at the link below! Remember, if you are a supporting member then you only need to purchase a general admission ticket in order to attain early admission!



About that annual giveaway drawing...... Here is what we will be giving away in December to Supporting Members!


Apex Jr Controller - Neptune Systems



Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System - AutoAqua



TWO x BRS GFO & Carbon Dual Reactors


N52 v3 MAG Rack - Oceans Wonders



Everyday Fish Feeder - Eheim



Sea Side Aquatics Coral Viewer




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