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Good evening all, from lovely Pecan Island, LA! Im new to this group, and pretty fresh in the saltwater/reef tank hobby. I was actually thrown into it, without floaties, and had to learn to swim pretty quickly. Can we say one heck of a learning curve?! I had no idea about correct water parameters, the difference between a coral and an anemone...literally, nothing. I was offered, wellll more so kind of forcefully given, a 100 gallon reef tank and all of its inhabitants and supplies. Needless to say, it took a 40 ft closed in box trailer to haul tank, 55 gallon drums for live rock, buckets for fish with aeration, and the SIX different pump systems that came with it, plus food, cleaning supplies, chemicals, etc.


None of these had instruction manuals, so imagine the panic that ensued when I arrived home with all these pieces and parts and hoses, and fish that needed to be retanked asap.


Thank gawd for YouTube and Google! [emoji120] lol


So, I run a 30 gallon sump with a Reef Octopus 110 with a dual CPR over flow and a Hydor 600 canister. I have an extra Reef Octopus DBH-300 Protein Skimmer Dual Hang On Back, a Fluval Canister, some other Florida brand protein skimmer, and numerous pieces and parts to other systems I have no clue what they are. [emoji85] I also run a 30 gallon qt/hospital tank, permanently, after one horrible experience with a Sailfin Tang from Satan's Layer, as I now call it(Petco)hahahaha I also run a 10 gallon QT for all incoming inverts, and just recently set up a 60 gallon to put our pair of MGS Clownfish, bc the spawning/sand throwing and aggression has gotten out of hand.


Here's a list of what inhabits my tank, and a few pictures:


1- Yellow Tang(Bubbles)


1-Blue Hippo Tang (of course the kids named it Dori)


1- Coral Beauty Angel(Sugar)


1- Mated Pair Maroon Gold Stripped Clownfish(Big Bertha and Squirt) now in their own tank


1- False Percula Clownfish(Nemo)


1- Six Line Wrasse(Crazy Eye)


1- Mandarin Dragonet(Gomer Pyle)


1- Blue Springer Damsel(Scooter)


1- Pink Spotted Watchman Goby(Creeper)


1-Orange Spotted Shrimp Goby(Mike lol inside joke [emoji85])


2- Firefish Goby(Ren and Stimpy)


6- Green Chromis(The Chuck Wagon Gang)


1- Banggai(Banner) Cardinal(Tuff)


1- Zebra Barred(Bar Goby) Dartfish(Oscar, bc our 7 yr old insists it looks like a white hot dog wiener [emoji23])


1- Royal Gramma Basslet(Pee Pie, my 2 yr old's fish lol)


1- Harlequin Shrimp(Lil Buddy)


2- Peppermint Shrimp(Jack and Jill lol my kids [emoji85])


1-Cleaner Shrimp(Jacque)


And a clean up crew consisting of numerous Nassarius snails, astrea snails, red leg hermits, blue and orange leg hermits, and one HUGE, scary, mexican turbo snail, that I unearthed one afternoon, I named the kracken! [emoji15] lol


9- Australian Duncan Polyps


1 Blastomussa Welsi


1- Blue Eye Lythopylon


1- Softball Size Galaxea


1-Favia Brain Frag


1- Green Toadstool Leather Mushroom


1- Kenya Tree


1- Meteor Shower Cyphastrea


1- Pink Montipora Cap


1-Revere Superman Montipora


1- Red Montipora(Velvet Branch) Digitata


2-Green Ricordea Mushrooms


1-Super Cultured(Chili Coral) Alyconium Plate


1- plate of snake polyps




I think that's everything, aside from a few pieces of coral I've yet to


Yesterday actually made 3 months I've had the tank, so I've attached a comparison picture as well as my newly set up refuge. 66a5bc98de7ebe9aad60152adc27cef3.jpg





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