1st baby/pending move = EVERYTHING for sale.

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Just copy and pasted Craigslist Ad.  In Lafayette, LA.   A lot more pictures are on CL ad located at: https://lafayette.craigslist.org/for/6242907307.html




We are selling our saltwater fish tank.  It has all top of the line equipment and is in mint condition.  Had for almost a year.  Only selling because we just found out we have our first baby on the way!!!  My wife and I have really loved this aquarium.


I would like to sell the whole thing to include livestock, but I am willing to piece it out once the livestock is gone.  The livestock (fish and corals) are all in excellent health.  Although I love our local fish stores, you will not be able to find healthier livestock for these prices anywhere!  If you buy everything it will be WAY cheaper than building a tank yourself, so if you are looking to get into the hobby take it from someone that has been doing this a long time and take advantage of this offer!


I am negotiable on price when multiple things are bought.


- Yellow Tang $25 (free seaweed clip w/ purchase)
- Picasso clownfish mated pair $75 for both (host in a green tentacle anemone - $90 for fish and anemone)
- Diamond Watchman Goby (sand sifting fish) - $25
- Six Line Wrasse - $15


- Duncan coral - $25 (this coral has 4 more head sprouting!  Growing like crazy since I got it.)
- Octopus Coral - $25 (Like a frogspawn but more detail on tentacles.  Big when fully extended and a really unique LPS coral.)
- Frogspawn w/ feather duster on it - $20
- Neon green encrusting LPS coral (don't know the name) - $20
- large Fire and Ice Zoanthid coral on rock - $30  (This is a beautiful piece and will be amazing once it covers the rock totally!  Will provide special Zoanthid coral food with coral purchase.)
- large Neon green Goniopora (aka Flower Pot coral) - $35 (Healthy and easy to care for despite what I've read about them.  Will give you the Goniopora coral food with the purchase of this coral.  This coral is large and magnificent when its tentacles are fully extended and moving with the water flow.)
- Pulsing Xenia on rock - $25 (One of my favorite corals!  So cool watching the polyps pulse!)
- Rainbow Montipora coral - $25 (Beautiful!  One of my favorites.  Look up pictures of them on Google.)
- Toadstool leather coral with neon green polyps and pink base - $20

Other invertebrates:
- Neon green long tentacle anemone - $25 (Clownfish host in it.  Should be bought with the clownfish, but doesn't have to be.)
- Super Tongan Nassarius Snail - $5 (One of the coolest things in my tank.  It is a big nassarius snail that does a great job in the sand bed.  Comes out of the sand when I feed the tank and climbs all over.  Really fast snail that can flip itself over if it lands upside down.)
- 4-5 Trochus Snails - $10 for all of them, or free with purchase of other stuff. (Great cleaners that can flip themselves back over if they fall and land upside down.  My favorite snails for cleaning the glass, rock, and sand bed.)
- A group of hermit crabs - free when you buy other stuff.
- A bunch of small nassarius snails - Free when you buy other stuff.


EQUIPMENT (Everything except the aquarium was bought from Bulk Reef Supply):
- Innovative Marine 40 gallon Nuvo aquarium with custom built stand - $400 (Awesome top of the line all-in-one aquarium.  Built the stand out of red oak, because I wanted something more solid and pleasing to the eye than the pre-fab ones they offer.  I also wanted the tank a bit higher than normal stands so it would be easier to see.  The tank without stand retails for $350 and the stand retails for $300 alone.  This is a steal!  Includes filter socks, return pump, two Innovative Marine Spinstream nozzles, and Innovative Marine's CustomCaddy Aqua Gadget. Custom caddy and both spin stream nozzles are a free $75 worth of extras as well.)
- Kessil A360WE Tune Blue led aquarium light with Kessil Spectral Controller and Kessil Mounting Arm/Cord Management System - $400  (All three items retail for a total of $575, so this essentially gives you the controller and the mount for free.  My favorite led light on the market.  Easy to use.  Plug and play.  Nothing outside of metal halide gives you Kessil's shimmer.  It is beautiful and grows corals like crazy!)
- Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10wQD - $225 (Best wavemaker on the market.  Powerful, silent, programable, and easy to use/adjust.  Also keeps cords out of the tank.  Retails for $285)
- Trigger Systems Crystal Auto Top Off 10 gallon reservoir - $100 (Retails for $145)
- Colbalt Aquatics Neo-therm 150 watt heater - $40 (Great heater.  Retails for $76.49.)
- Innovative Marine Magna-fuge leg refugium light - $35 (Retails for $49.)
- 55 gallon Brute trash can used for making RODI water w/ dolly to move it - $30


Stuff I'll include for free with tank and stand purchase!:
- Barely used Rea Sea Coral Pro Salt
- Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit (With one calcium test kit refill and one magnesium test kit refill.)
- Red Sea Marine care test kit
- Red Sea Reef Foundation supplement pack with large container of part C
- Reef Roids Coral food
- Brightwell Aquatics MediCoral coral dip
- Two extra tank filter socks
- Approximately 30 lbs of Bulk Reef Supply Pukani rock (Some live and some dry.  Retails for $113.70) - Will sell without tank if desired.
- Marineland Maxi-jet 400 powerhead used to stir salt when making new saltwater for water changes.


Obviously the livestock must go before the equipment.  I will sell EVERYTHING together for a bulk discounted price of $1500 or best offer...make me an offer!  This may seem like a lot to someone starting out, but anyone that has been in this hobby for more than a couple of days knows that this is a steal to build a tank like this with top of the line equipment.  If you were to piece this out it would be a lot more!  Made that mistake many times before!


Call or text Trey at 864-nine.one.five-4242


Thanks for looking!


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rickyb1982 is about to take all my fish today and I just have to sell the corals.  Then the equipment will be ready.  I will post when the tank is ready to sell the equipment!  Thanks!

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