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Hello all! My name is Lisa and I have been in the hobby for about two years. Although I had systems over 20+ years ago I don't count that because everything in

the hobby has changed so much in that time! My father is the one who got me into the hobby all those years ago and he is the one that got me back into it. Two years ago he decided to leave the hobby at 70 years old and gifted me his full 75g set up. I hiked my butt straight to Florida (against my husbands wishes) to pick it up and thats where my new again addiction started. Add: once the tank was at my house my husband too became fully engrossed in the hobby. So much so that I know refer to the tank as "his". LOL .Fast forward, that 75 is now a 90g mixed reef that has been completely modified less the lights that dad gave me.

About a year into having the 75g, a new LFS opened in my area. Hubs and I decided to go visit them and see the new kid in town. Beautiful store, reasonable pricing and the owners were great! As I was perusing the store there it was. A fish that no other store in town EVER carried. The "I have to have it" fish. SEAHORSES!!!! They were just so cute and small and I walked out the door with one. That's where my addiction really took over. I didn't have the best of luck with that one even though I had one many years ago. That set me on a mission!

I started with a smaller tank that all too soon I realized wasn't the best set up, then bought a 36g bowfront. That tank was ok but I still had issues. Canister filter, not enough flow, not enough knowledge. I have spent the last year researching heavily. I ended up modifying the 36 with a sump, got rid of the canister filter and have it set up nicely. Here is where I totally lost my mind...... about 2 weeks ago. I bought a new tank. I mean really, who can own only one or two seahorses? Pfff, not this lady here! I bought a 60g rimless, reef ready cube, stand and return pump. I did buy them used then discovered (after I got the tank home and cleaned up) the tank just wasn't suited for me. It had scratches far worse than I orginally saw and the integrity of the tank had me worrisome.  I ended up buying a brand new tank and kept the stand and pump. The build started this weekend as I modified the stand to accomodate my need for more space and a chiller. Bought a new VarioS-6 return pump to run the tank and I am using the used pump which is a Panworld nh-40px to run the chiller. I also bought a Jebao/Jecod CP-25 crossflow wave pump. I am super excited to get it up and running. This will be my forever tank. Unless of course Hubs gets tired of the 90 then I may have to upgrade again.... ;) Here are a few pictures......Clyde. The original stand. The stand modified. 




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