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Tank crash sale

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Contemplating giving up on my 210g system. 

7x2x2 foot tank started leaking the other day and everything has been down hill since. 


Fish were being medicated for an ich outbreak and it seems almost simultaneously I'm fighting massive ammonia spikes in QT. Have lost 4 fish and the remaining 4 are not looking so hot. 


That being said I have an easy 200lbs of live rock. About another 50 cured and about 15 lbs that need curing. 

About 100lbs of rock include 2 nice toadstools, Kenya trees, mushrooms.

200ish lbs of sand


Jabeo dct1200 return

Dominator downdraft skimmer

Gyre xf150

2 400w mh

1 black box LED

1 ocean revive LED (needs blue channel driver)

120g 4x2x2 homemade sump. 


Package price would have to be $900 w/ tank


Willing to part rocks and sand.


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On 10/26/2017 at 8:00 PM, anh85 said:

Are planning to part tank by itself? Any pictures?


Haven't decided yet starting to lean towards resealing/redesigning it.


Idk how to upload pics here


But it's 7x2x2 with a custom wooden frame - not the greatest of wooden frame jobs. 

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