FS: Red Sea Max S500 - $1500

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Originally purchase for $5500. Has standard T5 canopy that has been modified to add 2 Kessil A360Ws


Tank is still up and running at the moment if you would like to come by and see it. Need to sell because we're moving to a new house and there is no room for the tank. My loss is your gain.


**Note - Vortech Power heads, Skimmer, Apex Controller, Chiller, Corals, Fish, Rock are not included in the price, but willing to sell as is.**



Tank - 50.5'' L x 27.5'' W x 25'' H (119 gallons)

Sump - 16 gallons

Total system - 135 gallons

Also has auto top off system in the back - 29 gallons


I am really flexible, I have no problem selling everything including the fish, rock, and corals or just the equipment/tank
Fish include: 
Yellow Tang
Blue Hippo Tang
Purple Tang
2 Clownfish

Bicolored Angelfish



Red Monti

Gold Torch

Hammer coral


Leather Hand


Several others

A bunch of live rock as well

Apex controller with LED/Pump Module, Vortech Module, Lunar Simulator Module & Energy Bar
Ecotech Vortech MP40 Quiet Drive x 2
Kessil A360W LEDs x 2



Arctica 1/4 HP

I have the original RSM sump 



I have the original C Skim

 Now upgraded to a Life Reef skimmer

This would be a turn key tank.


$1500 Tank/Stand/Sump/Lights


$4000 for Everything OBO


Not interested in parting out at this time





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Do you still have this for sale? Also how quick do you need to move it out? We are closing on new house in about two weeks. 

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