Spring Cleaning Sale

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Getting out of the hobby, selling some tanks, lights, additives, and other gear. PM for any questions


Biocube 14G with Biocube 250 Powerhead $50 Sold
20G High Royal Blue Back $10
MarineLand Penguin 150 $15
AquaClear Filter 70 $10
BRS Biopellets 1000ml $20
BRS Reactor Single $20
Red Sea WaveMaster Pro (missing button - see pic) $30
TLF HydroCarbon 1L (90% full) $10
PhosBan Reactor 550 $40
Hydor Koralia 4 $10
Hydor Koralia 240 or 425 (label missing) $10
Sundial T-5HO 24" (blue LEDs, 10mo bulbs) $40
Free with one of the above

Kent Turbo-Calcium 200g
API Eco-Calcium Marine 473ml
Reef Solution Additive 236ml
Reef Solution Additive 236ml
LifeGuard temp alert

Vibra Flo Battery Air Pump
3 Assorted air Pumps

4 Fan air cooler
Hydor Pico 180

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