25 IM Lagoon and goodies

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Selling my setup, all you need is water and salt. 
25G IM Lagoon with spinstreams, Heater, media basket and nice white stand just over a year old-$450
Desktop IM Ghost Skimmer. works well, and is quite perfect for tank-$100
Smart ATO-$100
Coral Box Moon LED absolutely perfect light for the tank. still have ceiling mounts some where, but the goosneck looks great with the tank. ive grown SPS with no problems with this powerful thing, and its controled via app and has all the bells and whistles you could want. even the weird lightening stuff -$150 (won't sell separate unless tank is sold first.
All together I'll sell it for $800 but will part out after the tank/stand is sold. 

this was a great setup, but ive upgraded and no longer need the tank. not looking to get lowballed, as its a clean setup and all the equipment is 1 year old and i'm the only owner.

if you buy it all I'll throw in Live Rock. its still in a holding tank, but you may want to clean it.
Tank Build:…/topic/16392-the-lagoon/

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