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Neptune System Apex, RODI, Innovative Marine Sale

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Hey guys,


Here's what left from my tank breakdown. LOCAL, CASH SALES or will ship.


  1. The Filter Guys Ocean Wave RODI with BRS Dual Deionization Canisters - $150
  2. Flipper magnetic cleaner with replacement blade - $10
  3. Innovative Marine Gourmet Defroster & Gourmet Grazer - $10
  4. Eheim Fish Feeder - $10



5. Neptune Systems Apex Gold Set - $900 (includes):

-Energy Bar 8 ($160 Value)

-Display Module ($100 Value)

-Base Unit ($250 Value)

-WXM Module ($125 Value)

-ALD Module ($75 Value)

-PM2 Module ($85 Value)

-Breakout Box ($40 Value)

-Two (2) Solid Surface Leak Detection Probes ($30 Value Each)

-Temperature Probe ($30 Value)

-Conductivity/Salinity Probe ($125 Value)

-pH Probe ($75 Value)

-ORP Probe ($85 Value)

-Conductivity Calibration Solution ($3 Value)

-Five (5) AquaBus Cables ($20 Value Each)

-AFS Automatic Feeding System ($100 Value)






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