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Homewrecker, RRC pink caddy, zoas, and more!

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Hey guys, got a few collector acros and some other stuff as well! All photos shot under 2x ATI blue plus, 2x ATI True Actinic and Reef brite XHO. PM with any questions. Thanks for looking!

Homewrecker - Left 325, Right SOLD

AA Rainbow Mango - 150ea, right SOLD

RR Orange Passion - left 65, Right SOLD

Back row left to right
BC Rainbows in Spain 45 
RR Crazy T Monti SOLD
Highlighter 25

Front row left to right
WWC Afterparty SOLD
BigR Grafted Setosa 150
RRC Pink Cadillac SOLD

Purple bonsai- 30 

King Midas- 35ea (4 available)

Utter Chaos - 35 (3 available)

Rainbow Hornets - 35 (3 available)

Vampires in Drag - 35 (3 available)

CB Moneyshots - 1p SOLD, 3p 100

Mint Pavona - (pictured) SOLD 45 for larger piece

Hammer- 25
Watermelon favia- 25 (5 available) 
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Larger homewrecker sold
Crazy t sold 
Mint pavona sold
1p moneyshot sold
1 bonsai left
5 watermelons left
3 king Midas left

Edited by Coral Cove NOLA

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Sorry guys, didn’t get a notification that anyone replied. Everything here is sold, but please message us if you’d like us to cut anything for you!  We have colonies of everything we sell that we cut our frags from, so we always have more. 

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I will be looking for a frag of homewrecker in about 30 days please let me know if you cut some more I live in Baton Rouge will come pick it up 



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