Hi from New Orleans

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I was actually re-directed this way from Dendroboard. I'm not a aquarist or a poison dart frog-keeper, but I make artistic terraria without animals in them. (For right now, at least!)


I was told this might be a good place to find information about a PAR meter. PAR light is that light in the spectrum which is most conducive to plant growth, and as a terrarium-designer, it's something I'm very much interested in.


It is unfortunate that PAR meters only come rather expensive, too expensive to buy for me, as I don't run a plant-related business ---- so I was wondering, is there anyone here in the New Orleans area or thereabout who rents or would be willing to rent a high-quality PAR meter out? I want to check the lights I've been buying and make sure my plants are getting what they need.


If there is a better part of the forum to ask this question, I would love to hear it so I can put this question in the proper place.


Thank you!

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