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Long time hobbyist with equipment and supplies for sale.

Everything here total for $4,100 after reduced prices. Pool together with a friend and buy it ALL for $2800. After a big ticket item is gone, this line (deal) will be removed. Thanks everyone.

Vortech mp60 W - $550
Vortech mp40 W - $225
Vortech battery backup- $75

Apex Neptune controller with leak detection module, 2 EB8s (3 bad outlets total I think, may all work), top off float siwtch, etc. Older style as it looks like they came out with a new one, but works perfectly fine. $500 for all.

tunze auto top off unit- $120

new 80w smart uv sterilizer- $450

avast marine kalk stirrer K@- $130

Royal Exclusiv Vertex aplha 200 Protein Skimmer with red dragon pump with avast marine self c leaning head Swabbie -$700

6 stage RO DI unit- will include extra 2 BRS deioniizing resin, 8 extra filters, spare plumbing parts etc- $125

in line dual tds meter- $25

2x foscam ip cameras $15 each ( 1 left)

2x aerator bubblers- $10 for both

AI vega LED (white)- $125
2x AI SOL Blue LED w/ wireless dongles- $125 ech

Reef Crystals Salt- 5 bags- $ALL SOLD

mag float blue one- $5

Formally live rock- probably 150+ lbs or so of some really nice stuff. big and small. $1 lb- must buy all though. Don't want it cherry picked.

Formally live sand- medium arogonite? can't recall but was the best. 4x 5gal pails full. - $20 each

2x brand new Eheim 3400 (1262) pumps- $130 each
Eheim 2400 (1260) pumps- $100

Aqua Medic large fish trap- $50-

sybon refractometer- $30

19" rack mount AC switch- $10

2x maxijet 900- $10 each
maxijet 1200- $15
kent powerhead $5

seaside aquatics coral viewer- $15

2x titanium aquarium heater tubes- (think 1000w)- $20 each
eheim 250 watt heater- $15
marine land penguin 350- $15

novus cleaner kit with extra cloths- $5
tiger shark float magnet- $45
sure grip magnet mount $10
3x eheim fish feeder- $10
Bulk reef supply screen netting $5
aiptasia x- $5
blue vet aiptasia control- $5
blue vet red cyano - $5
3x watch dog water sensors- $5 each
kent nitrogen sponge- 3.3 lb jar $5
random big jars of fish food- $5

Free stuff grab bag if you buy $100 plus of stuff..

test kits
metal halide ballast
fish feeder tubes
hang on back filter
filter socks
large fake corals

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sold items

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hi daniel. yes you can paypal me at if youd like me to hold them, no problem. The eheims are all return pumps. love em!

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