DSA 135 48"x 24" x 28" with Custom Stand and Canopy with side cabinets and Equipment FREE

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Here is the deal..... I built this system a few years ago and have enjoyed it very much. But since then I have acquired a few new hobbies that are more important to me. In addition to the 70+ hours a week i have been working i really don't have the time to take care of the tank like i want to. 



So i want someone to have this tank that will enjoy it like i have. I don't have the time to break it down and try to sell it part by part. So i want to just give it away... No Joke. FREE..


Feel free to ask any questions in this thread. Going to try and get rid of the fish and green toadstools separately.




So i basically need the tank gone on either 8/17 or 8/18.


Here is the requirements:


  • I am wanting to give this to someone who will enjoy it and not turn around and sell it piece by piece.
  • Send me a DM. Lets talk. I Will pick someone that will put it to good use (not necessarily first come first serve).
  • Will make the decision after a couple of days.
  • Must be a Bayou Reef Keeping site supporter
  • **IMPORTANT** You have to be 100% committed to picking it up on either one of those days.
  • My schedule is so busy that i can't hear oh sorry i cant make it after we made plans.
  • **IMPORTANT** You must have your own truck to transport the tank and stand 
  • **IMPORTANT** You must bring enough people to move the tank (3-4 people). Stand is really heavy. Rock wall does not come out of tank.
  • If you can't meet these requirements then we cant make a deal.
  • Don't freak out if i don't answer your DM right away.... I am working (yes even at night).



Here is the bad....

  • Radions exploded (both of them) a couple years ago. I never had them fixed but just installed some cheap Par38 LEDS. But you can have the Radions if you want.
  • One heater is broken


Here is the link to the build.


Here is what the tank looks like as of tonight.











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Build thread was amazing. The tank is absolutely beautiful. What equipment would you need me to bring when picking it up? Will all of the livestock be removed or should I prepare to bag anything up? Looking forward to continuing your dream tank if chosen.


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This has got to be a joke right? This is too good to be true. I’d jump in my truck immediately and set this bad boy up in my dining room. Already have Radions

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