free toadstool and anemones

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guys i have sort of an odd listing. 


i have a 150g cube and the toadstool that i've kept since it was about as big around as a can of coke has now gotten entirely too big. It's taking up way too much space. as much as I hate to part with it it's time. It's extremely large and like i said i've kept it for a long time, so i'm willing to give it to someone for free, but only to someone with a very large tank who wants to keep it rather than cut it for frags. there are two rose bubble tip anemones attached to the foot of the toadstool but they aren't bother it. there are also two baby toadstools on the same rock that would be perfect for frags.


I also have a rock with about 10 rose bubble tip anemones. they're very pretty but i have way too many of them in my tank and i'm afraid they're going to start moving around. i will give someone who wants the nems the entire rock with all the nems on it for free, but i'd like the rock back if possible just so i don't have one bright white rock standing out among the others.


Pics are attached but if you want more just let me know. these pics were taken after a WC and right after lights on, so the toadstool is probably still a little annoyed.







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